ChorusWhen: Thursday/ 3:00-4:00
Who: 4th & 5th grade students
Sponsor: Jared Leach
What: The chorus is a vocal performance ensemble for 4th and 5th Grade students. We are a group of students who sing and put on concerts throughout the community and school. 
Little Leaders ClubWhen: Mondays/ 3:00-4:00
Who: 2nd-5th grade students
Sponsor: Muriel Huntley and Krystal Smeyres
What: The club focuses on developing leadership skills. The students will also work on community service projects while also having fun.
Math TeamWhen: Thursdays/ 2:30-3:30
Who: 4th & 5th grade students
Sponsor: Becky Banks, Cathy Jones, and Erin Myers
What: Students will not only learn new material but will apply their previous knowledge from school to fun and challenging problems. Math team practices involve solving and discussing math problems to prepare for competitions throughout the year. The top 4 competitors earn a chance to compete in the Cobb County Intermediate Math Team Tournament.
Script & SketchWhen: Wednesday 3:00-4:00
Who: 2nd-5th grade students
Sponsor: Destony Harris and Allison Ramsey
What: Artists and writers will enjoy this club as they have the opportunity to write stories, poetry, or comics. They will have the opportunity to illustrate each creative writing and be provided guidance along the way.
Sports ClubWhen: Monday/ 3:00-4:00
Who: 2nd-5th grade students
Sponsor: Jeff Gaskin
What: Students get the chance to socialize, participate, and keep active with this club.  In order to strengthen the techniques and abilities they have learned in physical education classes, students in the club will be exposed to a variety of sports-based games.
Technology ClubWhen: Wednesdays/ 3:00-4:00
Who: 2nd-5th grade students
Sponsor: Catherine Law and Frances Wheeler
What: Students will work to build confidence as they improve their technology skills. They will also explore careers in the technology field.