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Jeffrey CrawfordPrincipal
Shannon Thorpe
6th & 7th Grade Administrator
Tonia Bailey7th & 8th Grade Administrator

Auld, Wes8th Grade Math
Barrett, Robert7th Grade Science
Bellack, Annelisa6th Grade Social Studies
Buckles, Justin8th Grade Science, Social Studies & Language Arts
Cagle, StephenBand Director
Clody, Ashley8th Grade Math
Cortez, Christobal6th & 8th Grade Science, Math & Language Arts
Daniel, Alex7th & 8th Grade Counselor
Daniel, GloriaReceptionist 
Derek Easterling6th & 7th Grade Social Studies
Eidson, BrendaCLC Paraprofessional
Felts, MaryCLC Paraprofessional
Foster, AnitaCLC Librarian
Francis, ToniTechnology 
Franklin, MoniqueParaprofessional
Gentry, DeniseParaprofessional
Gill, TylerArt
Guntrum, DwanaSpeech
Hart, EricaSID/PID
Hazelip, Amanda6th Grade Math & Science
Hernandez, RoniSpanish & ESOL
Holland, KarenAttendance Clerk
Hurley HaydenSecurity Officer
Hurst, Lori6th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Hutchins, Rob8th Grade Social Studies
Hyatt, RachelPE
Isaacs, ChristinaISS Paraprofessional
Jackson, CarynSecretary 
James, TJ8th Grade Science
Jones, BethMOID
Keith, Leslie6th & 8th Grade Science
Khazanchi, PankajIntegrated
Khazanchi, Rashmi6th Grade Science, 6th & 8th Math
Kinsella, Lauren7th Grade Language Arts
Lipscomb, Wanda7th Grade Social Studies
Martin, Stephanie7th Grade Science
Mathews, JodieBookkeeper
McFarlane, Darcy7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
McMellen, Jennifer8th Grade Language Arts
Melvin, TaraBand Director
Mitchell, MichelleChorus Director
Moreno, ClaudiaParaprofessional
Napier, DebyParaprofessional
Perry, Felton7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Poirot, Kerrie6th Grade Science
Puga, NancyESOL & IEL
Richardson, Faith7th Grade Math & Science
Robertson, MattPE
Rogers, ClayOrchestra Director
Rogers, Margene6th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Shepherd, Christine6th Grade Math
Smith, Brinson7th Grade Math
Sommer, StephanieAU Bridge
Stuart, SherryNurse
Seyedbagheri, TaherehStudent Support Administrator
Thompson, Elisabeth7th Grade Math
Tucker, Derrick8th Grade Social Studies
Vann, Cassandra6th Grade Language Arts
Wade, Mary6th & 7th Grade Counselor
Westfall, AndeyAU Bridge 
Whitman, Nancy6th Grade Social Studies, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Reading
Willis, Michelle6th, 7th & 8th Language Arts