Carpool Guidelines


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Morning Carpool Guidelines and Expectations

It is an expectation that all cars stay in the car line.

Please have students ready with their backpacks and materials to get out of the car quickly. This can be done when  entering the parking lot.

Parents are not to get out of cars. Davis staff will help when needed. If you need to come inside to talk to staff please park and then cross at the crosswalk. 

Students are to unload on the side of the car nearest the school only. Students should never exit car on the LEFT SIDE.

Students may unload all the way back on the sidewalk along the playground. Do not wait to get to the porch area to unload as this significantly slows the car line for everyone. Staff is on the sidewalk to maintain safety for children as they exit cars.

Refrain from texting and pay close attention to the movement of the line and students. Safety is our utmost priority. 

DO NOT PASS the car line. It is dangerous for students and staff for cars to pass. Only if a staff member asks you to pass can you move out of line. 

When walking, please cross students at the crosswalk where we have a staff member at the stop sign to assist. It is too dangerous to send children from the parking lot through the carpool line. 

Do not park along the curbs or drop children off in the parking lot or on Jamerson Road. Children should not be walking through the parking lot on their own. 

The only access to park is through the carpool line. Park only in designated parking spaces. Do not use the handicapped spaces for drop off.

After the bell rings at 7:50 we place a sign out and you must park, walk your child to the building, and sign your child in on the sign-in sheet outside the front doors. 

Tips for avoiding carpool stress:

Try to arrive between 7:20 and 7:35. There is typically no wait during this time. 

Utilize the bus if your schedule makes the carpool time too inconvenient.

Remember that there is no delay that is worth the safety of any of our children.

It is our experience that when these guidelines are followed, the car line moves efficiently and there is ample time to get all students into the building on time.

We ask that you remain calm and #bekind.

Thanks for keeping our Students and Staff Safe,

Davis Administration