Engaging Learning with Breakout EDU

Math 7/8 Breakout EDU

Collaborative partnerships between the Library Learning Commons staff of Media Specialist, Erin Baker and Media Paraprofessional, Buffie Harper and classroom teachers is the primary goal of the Durham Library Program. One of the most engaging collaborations the Library staff supports takes place via Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU learning games challenge participants to solve clues that then unlock boxes. The ultimate goal is to get into the final locked box to earn a prize. Breakouts hone critical thinking and problem solving skills. They require participants to persevere and to redirect their thinking when they fail to unlock codes. The most important factor to kids is that they are also really fun! Featured here are some highlights from Breakout lessons where Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Harper have collaboratively taught alongside subject area math and ELA teachers this school year. To learn more about these lessons, check out the Library Learning Commons blog and Breakout EDU, and be sure to ask your student about Breakout EDU.