Attendance Office

Attendance Office


Attendance Office Frequently Asked Questions:

What should students do if they arrive after homeroom has begun?  

Students arriving after 9:10 a.m. are tardy and should report to the attendance office to get a pass to class. 


What is the latest time a student can be checked out of school?

Thirty minutes before afternoon dismissal time: 

3:45 P.M.  (Dismissal time 4:15 P.M.)

1:00 P.M.  (Dismissal time 1:30 on early release days)

Checking Out Students Early 

-    Report to the office. 

-    Show your Picture I.D. 

-    The clerk will verify the person picking up the student is listed on the student’s authorized “Release to” list. 

-    Allow plenty of time for the student to gather their belongings and walk to the school foyer. 

-    Take into consideration when more time might be needed such as: Frey Elementary dismissal traffic and when students are in lunch, P.E., the theater, Fun Friday, and other school events. 

How do I add someone to the authorized contact list (Release to list) for my child?

-    Sign into your ParentVue account. 

-    Click on Change My Information

-    Click on Student 

-    Click on the Pencil Icon 

-    Click on Add Contact & Enter the Person’s Information

-    Click on Save Contact 

 How do I send in an excuse note when my child is absent?

1.    Via the link provided in the automatic attendance notice texted or emailed to parents on the afternoon of the absence. Note: Copies of doctors' notes must be emailed directly to 

2.    Send an email to 

Note: Excused notes from parents explaining the reason for the absence must be received within 3 days of the student’s return to school or the absence will be marked unexcused. 

How is attendance recorded in middle school?  

Teachers code absences during their homeroom and in each of the 7 class blocks. The attendance clerk will code the absences excused when the appropriate excuse notes/emails are received from parents.