Student Laptop Distribution: How to Opt-In

Student Laptop Distribution

Who Should Opt-in for a Cobb County-Issued Student Laptop?

The enrolling parent of any student that is new to Cobb County as well as rising 6th graders new to ECMS may opt-in for their student to receive a county-issued laptop, also referred to as a "student device."

How Do I Opt-In For My Middle School Student?

  • The enrolling parent of rising sixth graders, as well as 7th and 8th graders who are new to Cobb County Schools, must "opt-in" to the Student Laptop Program through ParentVue in order for their student to borrow a county-issued laptop for ongoing school and home use. 
  • Directions are provided in the "Learning Everywhere" Powerpoint presentation at the bottom of this post.
  • Students will not receive a laptop unless the enrolling parent signs the Student Device Liability Agreement and click "Opt-in" on the ParentVue site.
  • Students who have already received a CCSD-issued laptop will continue to use the same laptop for this school year. 

When I sign the Student Device Liability Agreement, What Am I Agreeing to?

By signing the agreement in ParentVue, I/we acknowledge and agree:

  • All use of a District computing device will be for educational purposes. At no time will the equipment be used for any other use, including personal, commercial or business use.
  • To abide by all applicable laws, as well as school and school district policies and rules, including the Student Code of Conduct and the provisions of Administrative Rule IFBG-R (Technology Acceptable Use), as well all other rules referenced therein. This includes no unlawful copying/distributing of software or documentation provided with the computer and no use of the computer to unlawfully copy any software. 
  • To make no unauthorized changes to the equipment’s configurations. This includes no adding, removing, or adjusting any computer software or hardware. 
  • To use ordinary care and diligence in protecting, safeguarding, and supervising use of the equipment and returning it to the District in the same condition it was in prior to checkout, excluding normal wear and tear, and to assume liability for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment while in my care. 
  • To have a parent/guardian sign for responsibility of the equipment while it is in my possession.
  • To participate in training in the use and care of technical equipment as provided by the appropriate school or District staff member prior to checking out the equipment.
  • To return the technology equipment to school for use as required by the teacher or administrator.
  • Nothing done on the computing device is private. District staff or their designees may, at any point, confiscate and search
  • the contents of any District-issued electronic device. 
  • Devices may be enabled with GPS locating systems, and in the case of loss or theft, this system may be activated.
  • While off school grounds parents/guardians are solely responsible for monitoring the student's use of the device.
  • Students may not exhibit inappropriate behaviors, or access prohibited materials with the device, at any time, at any location. Students will be subject to disciplinary action if they use the device for inappropriate activities, whether on or off school grounds.
  • If the computing device is stolen during the time that it is issued to the student, the student and the student’s parent/guardian will be responsible for filing a police report and submitting it to the District.
  • The computing device remains the property of the District at all times. 
  • To return the technology equipment:
  • On or before the due date on this agreement;
  • Prior to the due date if requested by the authorizing supervisor/department head; 
  • When withdrawing or graduating from the District; and/or
  • In the same condition the item was in at the time of check out.

Why Should I Opt-In For My Middle School Student?

  • School-issued devices will be connected to the Cobb server, which will allow for better connectivity.
  • School-issued devices will come loaded with the programs and apps that students will be using, such as Office 365 and various testing access platforms thereby increasing flexibility and reducing the loss of instructional time.  
  • When all students have school-issued devices, all students have the same access and teachers can successfully incorporate technology into their lessons and activities.

When Will Student Laptops Be Distributed?

  • Information regarding distribution will be provided from ECMS.
  • In the meantime, please go to ParentVue to opt-in so that we can request the correct number of devices for students.