Student Laptop Distribution: How to Opt-In

Student Laptop Distribution

We are excited to follow up on the school district’s communication about the opportunity your student has to receive a laptop for instructional use at home and at school.

How Do I Opt-In For My Middle School Student?

  • In order to participate in the program, the enrolling adult must opt in through ParentVue. Directions are provided at the bottom of this post.
  • Students will not receive a laptop unless the parent opts-in through ParentVue.
  • Students who currently have a CCSD laptop issued to them from last year will not be able to receive a new laptop. The previously issued laptop must be returned before a new laptop can be assigned. 

Why Should I Opt-In For My Middle School Student?

  • Students will be expected to bring their district-issued devices to school every day for use in their content area classes.
  • School-issued devices will be connected to the Cobb server, which will allow for better connectivity.
  • School-issued devices will come with the required Office 365 software that Cobb students utilize.
  • School-issued devices will have access to our testing platforms. For example, students will be able to take End of Grade Tests and benchmarks like MI/RI in their classrooms, and therefore, increasing flexibility and reducing the loss of instructional time.   
  • When all students have the same device, teachers can incorporate technology more often since they are assured all students have access.

When Will Student Laptops Be Distributed?

  • Information regarding distribution will be provided from ECMS.
  • In the meantime, please go to ParentVue to opt-in so that we can ensure we have the correct number of devices available for students.