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Annual Title I Surveys

Attn: Fair Oaks Elementary School Parents,

We invite you to provide feedback as part of our ongoing continuous improvement process.  This allows us to make more informed decisions related to Title I School Improvement Plans and Family Engagement Policies. The survey results will enable our Title I Program to measure stakeholders’ perceptions and help target improvement strategies focused on student achievement as well as school and district effectiveness.  All responses to this survey will be anonymous. In order to complete the survey, please use the links below.

Annual Survey



 Thank you for your time and attention as we work together for student achievement.

 CCSD Title I Department

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Parent Resource Center

Welcome!  We are Cynthia Cruz Llamas and Dinna Ortiz de Gracia, the Parent Facilitators here at Fair Oaks Elementary School. Our purpose is to motivate and empower parents to get involved or stay involved in their children’s educational success. We are here to help coordinate programs and activities to encourage parent engagement and also to be used as a resource for parents. 

The Parent Resource Center offers resources such as books, pamphlets, and skill-builder games available for parents’ use and checkout. We can also help obtain the ParentVUE username and password for parents. We will host several parent engagement workshops throughout the year to continue to work together, get to know each other better, and help children succeed. We are excited about the opportunity to meet you and look forward to working with each of you to help provide a happy and productive school year for your child(ren). Our office and Parent Resource Center are located in Room 4A and are open to our families Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

We need volunteers! Please contact us at 678-594-8080 or send an email to Cynthia Cruz Llamas or Dinna Ortiz de Gracia.

2023-2024 Title I Documents

CCSD Title I Department

    For more information about the Title I Department, click here.

School Improvement Plan & Title I Budget 

             Fair Oaks School Improvement Plan & Comprehensive Needs Assessment

             Fair Oaks FY 24 Title I Budget

Parent and Family Engagement School and District Policies

          Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Plan 2023-2024 (ENGLISH/SPANISH

          CCSD Family & Community Engagement Policy (ENGLISH/SPANISH)

Parent-Student-School Compacts

    Parent-Student-School Compact – Kindergarten (ENGLISH / SPANISH

    Parent-Student-School Compact – 1st Grade (ENGLISH / SPANISH

    Parent-Student-School Compact – 2nd Grade (ENGLISH / SPANISH

    Parent-Student-School Compact – 3rd Grade (ENGLISH / SPANISH

    Parent-Student-School Compact – 4th Grade (ENGLISH/ SPANISH

    Parent-Student-School Compact – 5th Grade (ENGLISH / SPANISH

The Family Information Guide (English Spanish) contains a wealth of information about the district, including the Student Code of Conduct, as well as information about privacy rights, essential dates, and more.

Right to Know Professional Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals (please go to page 10 of the guide).

Annual Title I Meeting

The Annual Title I Meeting shares information about Title I resources, budget, and services at THE Fair Oaks Elementary School.

            Annual Title I Meeting 2023-2024 PowerPoint 

School Choice Transfers

HB 251 allows for school choice transfers. Parents/Guardians of a student enrolled in a District school may apply for a School Choice Transfer to pursue a transfer to another District School. The application procedures, forms, and dates will be posted on the District’s Website during the second semester of each year.

Title I Spring Input Meeting Presentation
Presentación de la Reunión para dar opiniones sobre el programa del Título I

Spring Input Meeting Presentation (English).pdf
Spring Input Meeting Presentation (Spanish).pdf