School Clubs

School Clubs


Fair Oaks Families, 

Fair Oaks offers school clubs before or after school sponsored by school faculty and staff to enrich student learning. Please view the list of clubs below for more information. If you have questions, please contact the club sponsor. Thank you. 

Soccer Club

Mission/PurposeTo provide soccer programming for Fair Oaks students
Faculty Sponsors

Mr. Petrusic
Ms. Rodriguez 
Ms. Garcia 
Ms. Summer 
Ms. Sheddan 
Mr. Paulk 
Ms. Craig 
Ms. Teasdale

Club Description

Fall and Spring Seasons
Annual Game versus Green Acres
Feeder School Night Outing at Osbourne High School Soccer Game

Girls on the Run

Mission/PurposeTo unlock power and potential: Girls on the Run has fun, evidence-based programs that inspire all girls to build their confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills. Dynamic lessons instill valuable life skills, including the important connection between physical and emotional health.
Faculty Sponsors

Ms. Fairley
Mrs. Gomez
Mrs. Corbin-May
Ms. Cole
Mrs. Wagley
Mrs. Clark

Club Description

The girls work on a lesson each practice that activates their star power and learn about themselves. They have a community project to continue to help and serve their community. At the end of the season, the girls participate in a 5k as well. 

Garden Club

Mission/PurposeOur students are botanists who use their knowledge of gardening and apply it to their healthy lives. 
Faculty Sponsors

Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Slade-Ross
Mrs. Fryer
Mrs. Karp
Mrs. Carter

Club Description

The garden club meets twice a month after school for students to learn about how plants grow, what materials grow flowers best, and what things grow best in various seasons. 

Science Olympiad

Mission/PurposeScience Olympiad is a 3rd – 12th grade national organization dedicated to promoting STEM education and critical and creative thinking using scientific concepts and reasoning. 
Faculty Sponsors

Ms. Dunlap

Club Description

Students will practice different STEM events with their teammates and will compete against other schools on February 10 at Pearson Middle School. 


Mission/PurposePractice singing and teamwork.
Faculty Sponsors

Mrs. Martinez

Club Description

The chorus club meets once a week throughout the school year to practice for chorus events.

Kindness Club

Mission/PurposeThe Kindness Club is a group of students who want to make our community better by helping others through random acts of kindness!
Faculty SponsorsMrs. Slade-Ross
Mrs. Stone
Mrs. Dihigo
Mrs. Wood
Club DescriptionRandom acts of kindness in our community. A random act of kindness is any action that a person takes to help another person or to make them feel good. It can be as small as passing a positive note or as big as a gift you spent much time creating.


Mission/PurposeFoster a love of learning and the ability to critically problem solve.
Faculty SponsorsMrs. Lamar
Ms. Rodriguez
Mrs. B
Club DescriptionWe have super fun activities planned! Slime, Oobleck, testing the PH of chemicals with red cabbage juice, coding, engineering, and much more!