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Embrace all children and their unique talents. Encourage them to reach their full potential. Empower them to meet the world.



Frey Collective Commitments

We are committed to maintaining a positive school culture to grow as educators and promote student success.  

We are committed to getting to know our students. We will motivate and inspire them to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.  

We are committed to respecting each other’s differences and accepting new ideas.

History and Background

Back in 1996 when the world came to town for the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Frey Elementary School began "Lighting The Way To The Future".  Named after local businessman and former board member John Steve Frey Junior, the school adopted our fitting mascot of the FLAMES.  Over the years as the community grew and new schools opened, district lines were re-drawn multiple times to bring us to our unique present state as a diverse public school in Acworth, Georgia that actually feeds three middle schools and three high schools.  Through all of these changes and growth, Frey has maintained it's identity as a family-friendly, all-inclusive learning community where students are supported by a caring staff, an active PTSA and Foundation, and a network of local businesses and organizations that are second to none.

We firmly believe that our vision of The Best School In The Nation is a state of mind.  It is the people who make us the best, and this cannot be quantified through any score or rating system.  It is the feeling that you get when you enter our lobby, walk through our halls, or step into a classroom to see our students and staff in action.  It is the smiling crowds that show up to our events whether to our Family Movie Night or our Fall Festival with anywhere from 600 to 1000 people in attendance or even a Saturday morning community workday with nearly 400 volunteers working together to beautify our 80-acre campus. 

Regardless of whether you have lived here in the Frey community for years or only recently moved into the area, it is our goal for you to feel welcome to join us in our mission to embrace all children and their unique talents, encourage them to reach their full potential, and empower them to meet the world. Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us.  We look forward to working together to fan the FLAMES and make them grow! 

Frey's song "The A.I.M. H.I.G.H. Rap" is officially available for download on iTunes and Amazon! Teacher "T", DJ "Boss" Ross, and the Frey Flames Chorus all sound incredible. Any and all royalties come back to our school, so don't wait... Download it today and share with friends! Click links below:

Vimeo (Drone Video)

Frey’s 20th Anniversary: A Look Back