William Dryden, PrincipalEmail
Melissa Faklaris, Assistant PrincipalEmail
Magen Kittrell, Support and Services AdministratorEmail

Front Office
Cindy Bowling, SecretaryEmail
Millie Baird, BookkeeperEmail
Nicole Hamilton, Registration & EnrollmentsEmail
Rhonda Stephenson, AttendanceEmail
Dawnee Curry, Clinic NurseEmail
Jen Hanlan, Consulting District NurseEmail

Melissa Cireddu Email 
Gina ShumpertEmail
Susan Silvers Email 
Julia Rutledge Email 
Joanna Vaughn (Lead) Email 
Randi Genesi
Angie Bond, Paraprofessional (Silvers) Email
Laura Chamberlin, Paraprofessional (Vaughn)Email
Kim Frey, Paraprofessional (Genesi) Email
Alison Crowley, Paraprofessional (Shumpert)Email
Addie Perkins, Paraprofessional (Rutledge)

First Grade
Maggie ElmoreEmail 
Brittany Jones (Lead)Email
Beth CrawleyEmail 
Carol NikinEmail 
Amanda Lassiter Email 

Second Grade
DeAnna DarbyEmail 
Dana Tyson (Lead)Email 
Brittany Sims  Email 
Pam ChaffinsEmail 
Julie HillsmanEmail
John NavarraEmail

Third Grade
Kathy RaniereEmail 
Emily GarridoEmail
Linda ScaturroEmail 
Megan Willis (Lead)Email
Hollie ParrishEmail
Chris ValentineEmail 
Dina AsherEmail

Fourth Grade
Shonda EvansEmail
Marianne Massey (Lead) Email 
Mike RobbinsEmail
Casie DowneyEmail
Melissa GoforthEmail 

Fifth Grade
Travis TesarEmail 
Kyla McRorie Email 
Lauren RossEmail 
Pam RountreeEmail 
Niesje Farmer (Lead) Email 


Heidi Callahan (P.E.) (Lead)Email 
Robin Kennedy, Paraprofessional (P.E.)Email
Emily Bisson (Art)Email 
Ashley Sherman (Media)EmailWebsite
Jennifer Bradford, Paraprofessional (Media)Email
Katie Hurley (Music) (TOTY) Email
Stacy Melton (STEM Lab)Email 

Special Education
Melissa McCollum (IRR) (Lead) Email
Kiersten Bontrager (IRR)Email 
Emily Wilson (IRR)Email
Jan Nottingham (IRR)Email
Renee Hess (IRR)Email
Ashley Melzer (IRR)Email 
Mary Garrett (IRR)
Dina Symeonides (IRR)Email
Sheila Hammons, ParaprofessionalEmail
 ,AU TrainerEmail
Dr. Joanna Gay (Autism K-2)Email 
Elizabeth Gulley (SID/PID) (Lead)Email 
Debbie Baker, ParaprofessionalEmail
Marisa Franceschi, ParaprofessionalEmail
Victoria Siesel (SID/PID)Email 
Caroline Autry, ParaprofessionalEmail
Tara Grimmer (MOID)Email
Angelia Watkins (MOID)Email
Joon Church, Paraprofessional
Cierra Pressley, ParaprofessionalEmail
Amy-Marie Abbott, ParaprofessionalEmail
Maria Perotin, Occupational TherapistEmail
Jessica Cooper, Occupational TherapistEmail


Student Support Services
Sydnie Jones, Counselor (Lead)Email 
Kristin Hartzheim, CounselorEmail
Jessica DeForest (Speech)Email
Victoria Herrera (Speech)Email
Ilisha Auld, School PsychologistEmail
Amanda Clements (Speech)Email
Patrick Ball, Social WorkerEmail
Kim Sanders, Target/ALP (Lead)Email 
Denise Orr, Target/ALPEmail 
Libby Tucker, EIPEmail 
Lori Pinkard, EIPEmail 
Kelli O'Connell, EIPEmail
Kelli Hagaman, ESOL .5Email 
Darniele Scarpinato, Read 180Email

Karen Wright, TTISEmail
Catherine McKellar, Cobb County TechnicianEmail

Darryl Little, Head Custodian (CEOTY)
Kenny Nadolny
Chris Morgan
David Nicely
Cassidy Holland, ASP Custodian

Ginger Suttles, Food and Nutrition Services ManagerEmail
Halima Mujcic
Nancy Taylor
Pamela Allison-Coombs
Angela Shock
Phylecia Henderson 

Lunch Monitors
Jaime Stone
Crystal Glancy
Kristin David

Campus Officer
Joe Sardina (based at Durham Middle School)Email