Laura Fiedler, PrincipalEmail Favorite Things  |
Melissa Faklaris, Assistant PrincipalEmail Favorite Things  |
Magen Kittrell, Support and Services AdministratorEmail Favorite Things  |

Front Office
Cindy Bowling, SecretaryEmail Favorite Things 
Millie Baird, BookkeeperEmail Favorite Things 
Nicole Hamilton, Registration & EnrollmentsEmail Favorite Things 
Rhonda Stephenson, AttendanceEmail Favorite Things 
Sandra Colquett, Clinic NurseEmail | Favorite Things 
Jen Hanlan, Consulting District NurseEmail | Favorite Things 

Melissa Cireddu Email | Favorite Things
Gina ShumpertEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Julia Rutledge Email | Favorite Things 
Susan SilversEmail Favorite Things 
Joanna Vaughn (Lead) Email | Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List
Angie Bond, Paraprofessional (Cireddu) Email Favorite Things 
Nina Stewart, Paraprofessional (Vaughn)Email Favorite Things 
Alison Crowley, Paraprofessional (Shumpert)Email Favorite Things 
Kelly Roberts, Paraprofessional (Rutledge)
Email | Favorite Things
Robin Settle, Paraprofessional (Silvers)Email Favorite Things 

First Grade
Maggie ElmoreEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Brittany Jones Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Beth Crawley (Lead)Email | Favorite Things 
Darniele ScarpinatoEmail | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Amanda Lassiter Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List

Second Grade
DeAnna Darby (Lead) Email Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Dana Tyson Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Brittany Sims  Email Favorite Things 
Dina AsherEmail Favorite Things 
Julie HillsmanEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
John NavarraEmail | Favorite Things

Third Grade
Kathy RaniereEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Linda ScaturroEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Megan Willis (Lead) Email | Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List
Hollie ParrishEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Bryanna BlountEmail | Favorite Things
Ashley MelzerEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Rebecca AlvaradoEmail | Favorite Things 

Fourth Grade
Shonda EvansEmail | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List 
Marianne Massey (Lead) Email | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Pam RountreeEmail | Favorite Things
Casie DowneyEmail | Favorite Things
Melissa GoforthEmail | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Pam ChaffinsEmail Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List

Fifth Grade
Travis TesarEmail Favorite Things 
Kyla McRorie Email | Favorite Things 
Lauren RossEmail | Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List
Randi GenesiEmail Favorite Things 
Niesje Farmer (Lead) Email Favorite Things 
Chris ValentineEmail | Favorite Things


Heidi Callahan (P.E.) Email | Favorite Things 
Robin Kennedy, Paraprofessional (P.E.)Email Favorite Things 
Emily Bisson (Art)Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Ashley Sherman (Media)Email | Website | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Jennifer Bradford, Paraprofessional (Media)Email Favorite Things 
Katie Hurley (Music) (Lead) Email | Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Stacy Melton (STEM Lab)Email | Favorite Things

Special Education
Melissa McCollum (IRR)  Email | Favorite Things
Kiersten Bontrager (IRR)Email | Favorite Things 
Emily Wilson (IRR) (TOTY) (Lead) Email | Favorite Things 
Jan Nottingham (IRR)Email | Favorite Things 
Renee Hess (IRR)Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Mike Robbins (IRR)Email | Favorite Things 
Mary Garrett (IRR)
Email | Favorite Things
Dina Symeonides (IRR)Email | Favorite Things 
Sheila Hammons, Paraprofessional (CEOTY)Email | Favorite Things 
Jhanna Anderson (Bridge)Email | Favorite Things 
Cindy Simrill, Paraprofessional (Anderson)Email | Favorite Things 
Elizabeth Gulley (Daily Living/Life Skills) (Lead)Email | Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List
Debbie Baker, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things 
Marisa Franceschi, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things
Victoria Siesel (Daily Living/Life Skills)Email | Favorite Things
Caroline Autry, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things 
Tara Grimmer (Functional Skills)Email | Favorite Things 
Angelia Watkins (Functional Skills)Email | Favorite Things
Amber Rose, Paraprofessional
Email | Favorite Things
Nya Echols, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things 
Nicole Hill, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things 
Amy-Marie Abbott, ParaprofessionalEmail | Favorite Things 
Maria Perotin, Occupational TherapistEmail | Favorite Things 


Student Support Services
Sydnie Jones, Counselor (Lead)Email Favorite Things
Kristin Hartzheim, CounselorEmail Favorite Things 
Jessica DeForest (Speech)Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Victoria DeFrank (Speech)Email | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List
Lori Wills, Speech PathologistEmail | Favorite Things 
Ilisha Auld, School PsychologistEmail Favorite Things 
Amanda Clements (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)Email | Favorite Things 
Elizabeth Price, SPED Program SpecialistEmail | Favorite Things 
Carey Hardman, Educational DiagnosticianEmail | Favorite Things 
Patrick Ball, Social WorkerEmail | Favorite Things 
Kim Sanders, Target/ALP (Lead)Email Favorite Things Amazon Wish List
Denise Orr, Target/ALPEmail | Favorite ThingsAmazon Wish List
Libby Tucker, EIP (K-1)Email | Favorite Things
Lori Pinkard, EIP (2-3)Email | Favorite Things
Kelli O'Connell, EIP (4-5)Email | Favorite Things 
Kelli Hagaman, ESOL .5Email | Favorite Things

Candance Queen, TTISEmail
Catherine McKellar, Cobb County TechnicianEmail

Darryl Little, Head Custodian Favorite Things 
Kenny NadolnyFavorite Things
Chris MorganFavorite Things
Maria OrtegaFavorite Things

After School Program

Kim PhilpEmail | Favorite Things | Amazon Wish List

Ginger Suttles, Food and Nutrition Services ManagerEmail
Pamela Allison-Coombs
Angela Shock
Kristin David
Teresa Weeks

Lunch Monitors
Nikkita Harden

Campus Officer
Bryan Dyer (based at Durham Middle School)Email