South Cobb HS Hosts Annual Family Holiday Feast


On Thursday, December 14, South Cobb High School hosted its third annual Family Holiday Feast for all families in the South Cobb cluster. It is always a time of fun, food, fellowship, games, and music. 

"It's a time to celebrate and have fun," said South Cobb Principal T.J. Perry. "We recognize the successes of each of the schools, and we also decorate ornaments, have some performances, and just have a good time. We have something good here on the South side and want to make sure everybody knows that. We're all family!"


Thanks to the sponsors, the event didn't cost South Cobb anything; everything was donated by organizations, businesses, and churches in the South Cobb community. In fact, so much food was donated that families were able to take some home.

"It's this time of the year, and they want to give. And we don't want to turn anyone down. We have so much food, and people are still trying to give. It's in their blood," Principal Perry said gratefully.


Around 200 participants showed up for this year's Holiday Feast. As word has gotten out over the years, attendance has steadily increased. It is quickly becoming a South Cobb tradition.

"I hope everybody leaves here in a good mood and wanting to give. Kids are different ages, but we're all together. My hope is that everybody here built some new friendships and that all our families will enjoy the holidays!" Principal Perry said to conclude another successful South Cobb Family Holiday Feast.