Hendricks Huskies Chorus

Sponsored by Amanda Esposito 

Dedicated to excellence the Hendricks Chorus has a two-fold purpose. Membership offers professional-level instruction in vocal technique as well as exposure to a variety of choral styles.

Involvement also enhances you people's lives, helping them to develop qualities of self-reliance, personal integrity, responsibility, compassion and confidence in their abilities. The Hendricks Chorus is a performance group that requires teamwork in order to meet its objectives. 

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Student Council

Sponsored by Ayiesha Scott and Breana O’Shea

Kindness Club

Sponsored by Breana O’Shea

Hendricks Live! Morning Broadcast

Sponsored by Cynthia Coker

At the beginning of our school year, students in 4th and 5th grade classrooms are chosen by their teachers to serve on the Hendricks Live crew.  Students will learn to deliver announcements on camera, organize the behind the scenes operations and operate our cameras, video mixer and sound board. To be a crew member on Hendricks Live requires team work and responsibility. 

Students selected for the news crew are expected to arrive by 7:30am on their assigned day each week. All crew members will learn to do all the jobs required to make our broadcast successful. Many students who have had this experience develop confidence and learn to take initiative as they perform all the tasks to get our show on the air by 7:50 each morning. These skills carry over into better social skills and leadership characteristics in the classroom and beyond.