Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Arrival in the morning begins at 7:15 am

At 7:15 am, doors to the school will open. For safety and security reasons, parents are not allowed in the building and students may not enter the building until the bell rings at 7:15 am. 

Classes begin at 7:45 am each morning.

On regular school days, the school day ends at 2:15 pm. 

Any changes made after the start of the school day MUST be called in to the front office and not via email or CTLS message.  All dismissal changes must be called in by 1:45 pm.

Morning Arrival by Car

Please have your students remain in the car until doors open at 7:15 am. 

Pull up to the curb in front of the school. Pull as far forward as possible, stopping at the yellow sign next to "Spot 1."IMG_1069.JPGStart of Car Line

Students should only exit the vehicles when you are stopped next to one of the eight paw prints on the sidewalk. 

Students should only exit the vehicle on the building side of the car, onto the sidewalk. Do not let students exit in the parking lot unless they are accompanied by a parent in the building.

Students will enter the building through the front doors only from the car rider line.

Car Rider Lane ImageCar Rider Lane


Please click here for information about bus routes. 

Afternoon Dismissal by Car

We begin afternoon dismissal by car at 2:15 pm on regular school days.

Please have your child's dismissal number hanging and visible when in the car line. Our staff will begin organizing our students for dismissal based on the visible car numbers.

Students will be dismissed to the eight paw prints on the curb in front of the school. Do not exit your vehicle while waiting in the car rider line. 

Afternoon Dismissal by Walk-Up Car 

Kemp Dismissal MapDismissal MapWe begin dismissal for Walk-Up Car Riders at 2:05 pm. Please have your child's number ready to give to our staff when you arrive at the side door by the front playground.

Walk-up Car Rider DoorWalk-up Car Rider Door

Transportation Changes

Please send in notes for transportation changes with your student upon arrival in the morning. Any changes made after the start of the school day MUST be called in to the front office and not via email or CTLS message.  All dismissal changes must be called in by 1:45 pm.

Click here for a transportation note.

Carpool Procedure Information

Every student at Kemp Elementary will be given a carpool number. This number will be on a sign for your car as well as a tag on your students’ book bags. All students will have a number even if they are not a regular car rider.

There are two options for carpool pick up. You can pick up by driving in the carpool line or by walking up to the WALK-UP car rider line. The procedures for using each of these are outlined below.

      Car Rider Line

  • Hang your carpool number from the rearview mirror inside your car. A pants clothes hanger works best for this. If you have more than one number, please hang all signs. If you do not have a carpool number, you will be asked to park and come inside to pick up your child. You must have proper identification for us to release your child.
  • Drive through the carpool line and wait at the next numbered spot for your child to arrive. Please pull all the way to the next spot before stopping.
  • Please do not talk on your cell phone during this time.

     Walk-Up Car Rider Line

  • When you arrive at 2:05 to pick up your child, park your car in a parking space. Do not enter the carpool line.
  • After parking, take your carpool sign with you to the walk-up car rider line. You must have this number for your child(ren) to be dismissed to you. We will not allow a child to leave without proper identification.
  • Please walk through the gate on the front playground, through the playground, and around the corner to the designated waiting area. Staff will be there to dismiss the students.