About School


Vision Statement.jpgOur Vision

Empowering All Students for Lifelong Success

Our Mission

Together we RISE to success - Reach, Inspire, Support, Engage

Our History

Kincaid Elementary was established in 1973 as an open classroom concept.  The philosophy at that time focused on a relaxed, happy atmosphere where all students felt valued.  The open concept has been replaced with walls, but we still hold to those core values today.  High expectations and research-based teaching practices are the fundamental tools of our staff.  Kincaid creates a safe environment in which character and kindness prevail, and there is respect for differences in others, customs and cultures.  Our award winning PTA and Foundation are an integral part of our success in the community.

Our Collective Commitments

We promise to....

 foster a positive learning culture

through mutual trust, respect and acceptance

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build relationships and provide creative, student-centered

learning experiences for our students

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actively contribute and support each other to enrich valuable

learning opportunities for our students that promote growth for all

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 know our students and intentionally meet their needs

through differentiated learning experiences

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utilize a variety of meaningful, ongoing assessments

 to guide individual learning.

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 incorporate a variety of innovative learning experiences and

 resources to prepare our students for success