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Lunch Walk is a fun and healthy opportunity that allows our students 15 minutes to stretch their legs, gain vitamin D and socialize with friends!  Parent volunteers are the ONLY way we can offer this opportunity to our students.  

Please consider volunteering for a 50 minute slot.  Volunteer slots run from 11:15 - 12:05, and 12:00 - 12:50.  2 - 3 volunteers can make Lunch Walk possible!  Read below for more details!

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Lunch Walk Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Please arrive on time and sign-in at the front office.
  • You will be given a Lunch Walk basket with class schedules, a megaphone, a walkie-talkie, first aid kit, and directions.
  • The Lunch Walk area is in a coned off area in the bus lot.
  • Supervise students and monitor behavior.
  • ONE volunteer uses the megaphone to call the class to line up to return to the cafeteria (ex. “Mrs. Brown’s class, please line up, Mrs. Brown’s class) as their Lunch Walk time comes to an end
  • ONE volunteer walks the students back into the cafeteria, where they will line up for their teacher
  • Please be sure to place the Lunch Walk basket back on the table inside the lunchroom at the end of the second shift.
  • Lunchroom monitors will know to send students out when the official "Lunch Walk" basket is NOT on the table. 

Student Expectations

  • For the first 15 minutes of lunchtime, students will eat their lunch, using their best manners.
  • After 15 minutes, the monitor will dismiss students for Lunch Walk.  Students can choose to remain at their table or to go outside for Lunch Walk.
  • Students going outside for Lunch Walk must clean up trays and garbage before exiting the café in an orderly manner.  
  • Lunchboxes will be taken outside and set against the wall.
  • Lunch Walk is NOT recess.
  • Students are expected to walk at all times.
  • Running, touching others, or horseplay are NOT permitted.
  • Students are expected to respect adult volunteers and follow directions.
  • Students MUST remain outside until their class is called to line up.
  • When a class is called to line up, students must gather their lunchbox, and line up immediately.
  • Students must enter the cafeteria in an orderly manner and line up to meet their teacher.
  • In an emergency, if a student needs to use the restroom during Lunch Walk, he/she must return to their table in the café.

It's that simple, and makes a big impact on students' day!

Thank you for volunteering for the Kincaid Lunch Walk!

Please send any questions to Kathy.Parks@cobbk12.org.