Dress Code


What is the dress code for LMMS? 


Given parent and student feedback over the last few years among Cobb County residents and around the nation, many schools have transitioned to a “bare bones” dress code – pun intended!    


Our primary goal is for all students to have the “3 Bs” covered (breasts, belly, bottom) even when students bend over or are wearing a backpack (which often causes shorts to ride up).  We are fine with leggings, jeggings, holes in jeans, long t-shirts, shorts, and short skirts as long as the 3 Bs remain covered by fabric all the way around (even when they bend over).  When wearing leggings, students must wear a long t-shirt to completely cover their bottoms. 

The easiest way for parents to “judge” if shorts meet dress code is to see the fingertip length when students have their arms straight down by their sides.  Fingertips should touch fabric all the way around.  Please note this is just for parents to “judge” – not our staff.  šŸ˜Š  

Other requirements are: 

  • Clothing that displays, advertises, or promotes obscene slogans or signs, profanity, or any substance that is illegal for minors, such as beer, tobacco, etc. and clothing or ornamentation that advocates, promotes, or suggests illegal activity (including gang activity) are prohibited.  
  • Bandanas, head coverings, sweat-headbands, and hats are not allowed. 


What happens if my student is out of dress code? 

Most dress codes can be fixed by having the student put on another shirt.   So not to inconvenience parents and have the student miss instructional time, the student will get a t-shirt from the front office.  The student will wear the t-shirt for the day and return it to the front office at the end of the day so that it can be washed.  If a student asks if something is appropriate, the best rule of thumb is not to wear it.  If this happens multiple times, the school will contact the parent.