Staff Bitmoji 2020

6th Grade

Jenna GerryLanguage ArtsEmail | CTLS Learn 
Hannah KerlinSocial StudiesEmail | CTLS Learn
Heather Mayne    Advanced Math 6, Math 6/7    Email | CTLS Learn 
Joe Musick    AC Science, Science    Email | CTLS Learn 
Kimberly Nelson    Math 6    Email | CTLS Learn 
Jennifer Skelton    AC Social Studies, Social Studies    Email | CTLS Learn 
Steven Villegas-Garcia 
Language ArtsEmail | CTLS Learn
Dr. Paula Whittle    ScienceEmail | CTLS Learn 

7th Grade

Amanda AbernathyLanguage ArtsEmail | CTLS Learn
Chris Brock 
Social StudiesEmail | CTLS Learn
Kevin HollandAC Language Arts, Language ArtsEmail CTLS Learn
Brandon KeenanSocial StudiesEmail CTLS Learn
April Larue    Science    Email | CTLS Learn 
Diana PrinceMathEmail | CTLS Learn
Annette SimpsonAC Science, Science    Email | CTLS Learn 
Stephanie WitherspoonMathEmail | CTLS Learn

8th Grade

Tiffany Benincosa    Language Arts    Email | CTLS Learn 
Jessica Clark    Algebra I, Math 8    Email | CTLS Learn 
Samuel Foster    Science 8    Email | CTLS Learn  
Heather Hafner    AC Language Arts    Email | CTLS Learn
Patrick HeenanGA StudiesEmail | CTLS Learn
Gina HowardScienceEmail CTLS Learn
Stefanie Keenan    Math 8    Email | CTLS Learn 
Tara StewartGA StudiesEmail | CTLS Learn


Laura Acevedo-PabonSpanishEmail l CTLS Learn
Cody Ames    Health/PE    Email | CTLS Learn 
Patrick ClarkBandEmail l CTLS Learn
Kevin Kampman    Orchestra    Email | CTLS Learn 
Matt Mihalko 
Computer ScienceEmail | CTLS Learn
Licia Murrell    Chorus, Music Theater    Email | CTLS Learn
Sabrina NationArtEmail | CTLS Learn
Andrew Paller    BandEmail | CTLS Learn
Carin Wilkes    Health/PE    Email | CTLS Learn

Special Education

Elana HarperMID  Email | CTLS Learn 
Jeri HenryMath 6/Social Studies 6Email | CTLS Learn
Michelle HicksMath 7/Science 7Email | CTLS Learn
Lovepreet Kaur 
Language Arts 8/Social Studies 8
Email | CTLS Learn
Paula Lilly Science 8/Social Studies 8Email | CTLS Learn 
Lana Makarenko 
Speech Language PathologistEmail | CTLS Learn 
Tera MarshReadingEmail | CTLS Learn
Jan MitchellMath 8Email | CTLS Learn
Mary NoblesLanguage Arts 7/Social Studies 7Email CTLS Learn
John Powell    Language Arts 6/Science 6Email | CTLS Learn
Ashley TisdaleAUEmail | CTLS Learn 


Cheryl HendersonMIDEmail
Paula HuntMediaEmail
Darcy Rohan    IRREmail

Support - Classified

Tracey BlackwellCPOEmail
Melissa Carlsen    Secretary   Email
Lisa Day    BookkeeperEmail 
Barbara Purdy    Pupil Personnel Clerk    Email
Michelle SawickFront Office ClerkEmail
Rebecca Slade    NurseEmail

Support - Certified


Technology Training/Integration Specialist
Doug HaleISSEmail
Amy Krengel    Media Specialist    Email | CTLS Learn
Jo Saint 
School Psychologist
Cheeritza St. GermainSocial WorkerEmail
April StaropoliESOLEmail | CTLS Learn

School Counselor

Mary Knight School Counselor 6th and 7th A-L    Email CTLS Learn
Danette Noldy    School Counselor 7th M-Z and 8th   Email CTLS Learn

Food Services

Sommer TaylorCafeteria ManagerEmail
Dismery AlbertoCafeteria StaffEmail
Helena CollazoCafeteria StaffEmail
Veena KumarCafeteria StaffEmail
Shalene RoseCafeteria StaffEmail
Michelle ScottCafeteria StaffEmail

Custodial Staff

Michelle Payne    Head Custodian II    Email
Glenn Chambers   Head Custodian I    Email
Jane GressCustodianEmail
Maria PortilloCustodianEmail
David WestbrookCustodianEmail