Principal Advisory Council


The District believes family and community engagement is critical to student and district success. The establishment of Principal Advisory Councils is intended to provide a means by which parents, community members, and school staff can work together to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other’s concerns and share ideas for school improvement. 

Council Membership:

Two staff members (one being the current Teacher of the Year);

Two parents (one being the current PTSA president); 

Two members of the community (one being a Partner in Education representative); 

In the case of high schools, the president of the student government organization or senior class president.

2021-2022 Milford Elementary Principal Advisory Council Members:

* Mr. Leon Scott, Teacher of the Year, leon.scott@cobbk12.org

* Mrs. Christina Hosford, Media Specialist, christina.hosford@cobbk12.org

* Mrs. Marsi Arcaro, PTA President, marsi.arcaro@cobbk12.org

* Ms. Partida, parent

* Ms. Nichelle Walker, a partner from Cumberland Church

* Dr. Kelley Castlin-Gacutan, a partner and CEO of Kennrod Inc.


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