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Ms. Kelly Jenkins to make an appointment


678-842-6966 ext. 038

How a student can talk to the Counselor

  • Students can self-refer to see the counselor
  • Parents can refer their child to the counselor
  • Teacher or administrator request
  • Counselor Invitation

Vision: Empowering students for success.

Mission: The mission of the Milford Elementary School Counseling Program is to deliver a comprehensive and data-driven program that promotes academic achievement, interpersonal skills, and career development for all students.


  • All students are capable of success.
  • The counselor, staff, and parents work together to provide a safe, positive environment where all students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness.
  • Multiculturalism is respected and valued.
  • All students should have access to a comprehensive school counseling program to address the academic, career, and interpersonal development.
  • The counseling program uses data to plan intentional guidance activities.


  1. Integrate a Growth Mindset through lessons that promote skill development in the counseling domains.
  2. Support parent engagement to enhance student achievement.
  3. Foster a sense of belonging among students, staff, and parents.


The school counselor will:

  •  Maintain a collaborative partnership with all stakeholders including parents/guardians, school personnel, and community members, as well as student advocates to support student success.
  • Abide by the standards set by the American School Counselor Association National Model, as well as by the professional ethics of guidance and counseling.
  • Design, implement and evaluate the school counseling program in conjunction with the school administrators and in alignment with the district strategic plan.
  • Implement developmentally appropriate counseling program for all students in grades K-5 and be aligned with the academic, career, and interpersonal domains of school counseling.


Classroom Guidance- allows the counselor to meet with the entire class and share lessons on topics such as: bullying, friendship skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving, academic success, career readiness, and growth mindset.

Individual Counseling- The counselor is available to talk with a student privately about specific concerns or problems.

Small Groups- The counselor creates groups to address the common needs of students to further their academic success.

Parent Conferences- The counselor is available to meet with parents as needed.

RTI- The counselor is a member of the RTI team.

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Crisis Management

If you have a crisis and need immediate help, please click below for services or you may also call 988 or text 988:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Georgia Crisis and Access Line


Parent Resources

Virtual Calming Center

Talking to Children About COVID

Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting from COVID-19

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