Brumby Dress Code


Dress Code

Brumby Elementary has adopted a Uniform Only dress code policy for our students.  The Dress Code consists of a navy blue t-shirt or collared shirt for students in grades K-4 and red t-shirt or collared shirt for 5th graders.  Khaki skirts, shorts, pants, or dresses are also required.  We have found that this enhances our students' grades and makes them feel a part of the Bobcat team. In addition, this makes it easy and affordable for our families.  To assist our parents, the Brumby Foundation operates a uniform store right on campus where we sell shirts for our students.  Khaki bottoms can be purchased at any local store or ordered online. Shoes should preferably have laces to ensure the safety of our students during recess and in PE.  

Click Here for Uniform Store

The Brumby Foundation link will take you to our online store where you can see the items and also purchase them online and have the order delivered directly to your child's class once it's filled.