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Title 1 School LoogWhat is Title 1?

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, provides funding to school districts to help ensure that all children, particularly those who are most academically at-risk, meet challenging state academic standards. Schools participating in the Title I program receive funds based on the percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced-price school meals. Title I programs are designed to ensure high standards for all, increase quality instructional time, improve instruction through professional development, enhance family participation in the educational process and afford schools the opportunity to provide additional educational resources for the most at-risk students.

Forty-six schools within Cobb County School District receive Title I services. Of these, 31 are elementary schools, 11 are middle schools, three are high schools, and one is a residential treatment facility school. All 46 schools offer a schoolwide program where all students, teachers, and families benefit from the supplemental resources and support provided by Title I. In a targeted assistance program, funding can only be used to support students identified as most academically at-risk, their families, and the teachers who serve them. Currently, there is one targeted assistance programs in CCSD.

Each Title I school has a parent liaison or someone who assumes those responsibilities who will support families in promoting the academic achievement of students. Workshops and schoolwide events are offered to build the capacity of families to support their children academically. Brumby Elementary's Parent Resource Center offers resources and materials for families to checkout for use at home.

Brumby Title I School Improvement Plan

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Are you looking for a good book to read? Do you need help finding information to finish your homework? Maybe you want to listen to an audiobook or stream a video.  Students are now able to access all digital resources from the public library using a link through our Cobb Digital Library.  Students can access resources using their student number as the username and their 4-digit birthday (2-digit month, 2-digit day) as the password.  Click here to access the online Cobb library system.

Brumby Title I SIP for 2023-2024

Title I School Improvement Plan

 Family Engagement Resources

Parenting as Partners Inc. - Series of eight comprehensive family engagement workshops http://familyleadership.org/parenting-partners/

Scholastic FACE - Family resources PK-12th


Successful Innovations Inc. - On-demand professional development and engagement videos


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