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About Brumby Elementary

Brumby Elementary is named after the successful Marietta business man Mr. Otis Brumby. Brumby Elementary is located in Marietta, Georgia and serves a population of 1020 regular and special needs children, pre-K through fifth grade. Brumby is the first Title I STEM school in the district and we are also AdvancED STEM certified as well.

Brumby has over 90 full and part-time certified faculty members, which includes teachers, administrators, media specialists and counselors. Approximately 64% of the staff has a master's degree or higher and 71% are certified in technology. All teaching staff at Brumby will have the MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) endorsement by the close of the 2018-19 school year. Technology and student access to technology is near and dear to us. Brumby also provides a teacher induction program to all teachers with 3 years experience or less that are new to Cobb County.

In the area of community outreach, Brumby currently works cooperatively with more than a dozen local businesses and service agencies to plan and provide services for our students, families and teachers.  Additionally, Brumby also partners with Everybody Wins! Atlanta; an organization who provides community volunteers to students to help improve reading skills and develop a love of reading, which gives the students a greater chance for success in school and life.

Brumby's active PTA enjoys a warm and positive relationship with the school and community hosting such functions as Family Night, Fall Festival, Field Day, and Skate Night to name a few!

Our partners in Education have instituted a new After School program focusing on increasing academics.  The emphasis is on academic clubs such as mathematics, chess, cooking, and science.