About School

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An Arts Integration & STEAM Certified School

We're All in This Together!

Clarkdale Elementary is focused on teaching and learning every day!  Our PBIS approach to school-wide expectations affords us the opportunity to create an environment for maximum student achievement and success!  At Clarkdale Elementary, we are One Team, One Goal, Student Success!

Our Vision

Challenge and Engage for Success

Our Mission

We are an engaged community focused on teaching and learning!


Built in 1962, Clarkdale was originally the central point of a small neighborhood in Austell, GA. On September 21, 2009, the school was destroyed because of flooding. As a result, Clarkdale Elementary opened its new doors in 2012. We are now adjacent to Cooper Middle School.


Our instructional program includes pre-kindergarten through fifth grades. We have a S.E.A.M.L.E.S.S. Instructional Framework that emphasizes rigor, relevance, real-life application and relationships. We believe all students can learn and we expect excellence at all times. Our instructional day begins at 7:50 AM and ends at 2:15 PM. Both breakfast and lunch programs are available to students. An After School Program is offered daily from 2:30-6:00 PM at a cost of $10.00 per day, with a one-time $20.00 registration fee.  

Parental Involvement

Parents are an essential part of our success. Our parent facilitator works to increase and improve our parental involvement and engagement. We offer a variety of activities and workshops to help parents assist their children at home. We encourage parents to participate in PTA meetings and we provide parents with resources during our Math and Literacy Nights. 

Clarkdale Elementary School............We're All in This Together!