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Cooper Middle School

STEM Georgia Department of EducationCobb County School District STEM CertificationNCA CASI NWAC SACS CASI AdvancED Accredited Advanced

Signature Programs

Georgia Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Certification

AdvancedED STEM Certification

Cobb STEM Certification

Competitive Academic Teams

Summer Rising 6th Grade

Summer Rising 7th and 8th Grade Math and Science Camp

Cooper College Bound

High School Credit for Algebra, Physical Science, Spanish, Art, Healthcare Science, Pre-Engineering, and Music & Film Productions


At Cooper Middle School, our mission is to ensure the academic success of ALL students.  Also, our faculty and staff work hard to ensure the safe and productive learning environment that offers students opportunities to excel in all content areas as well as art, music, Spanish, pre-engineering, healthcare science, music and film production, and PE/health,  The Cooper STEM Academy is a way for students to apply and transfer their knowledge in math and science to complete real-world problem-based activities/projects.  Our Academy provides field trips, partnerships with businesses and community organizations, and academic competitions.