Cooper Middle School Intramural Handbook


The Intramural Sports program at Cooper Middle School is an extension the physical education program. All students are provided the opportunity to participate in physical activity before school. The program is conducted by physical education teachers and other staff members.

Intramural Activities Include:





    Jump Rope



Intramural Procedures

Intramurals sessions will be held Tuesday through Friday mornings from 8:15-8:45. 8:15, the front doors of the school are open and students proceed to the gym.  Intramurals is open until 8:30, no students are allowed afterwards.   Students may not leave intramurals once they have entered.  All students attending intramurals must sign-in and be active and participate in the daily activity.

    Tuesday – 6th Grade

    Wednesday – 7th Grade

    Thursday – 8th Grade

    Friday – All Grades

Guidelines and Rules

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in any          activity, regardless of skill level

    Unsportsmanlike conduct misbehavior will not be tolerated.

    Students will receive a warning for the first infraction.

    Continuous or severe infractions of any type can result in a student being suspended from the intramural program.

    Arrival time for morning intramurals is from 8:15-8:30. Students arriving after 8:30 will not be allowed to participate. 

    Students that are required to attend remedial or tutoring in the morning need to report designated area and not attend intramurals.

    Students serving in-school suspension are not allow to participate until their suspension in complete.

Intramural Staff

    Dmitri Bryant

    Shyrah Schisler