Dress Code


Every child at Garrison Mill is encouraged to observe a standard of grooming and dress consistent with the level of formality of the school situation.  Shoes must always be worn.  Clothing or ornamental displaying of illegal substances for minors, or inappropriate language or gestures are prohibited.  Hats or caps should not be worn by boys or girls during school hours unless specified by administrators for particular events.

We ask you to help your child dress appropriately for school so s/he will be able to concentrate on learning:

1. While it may be hot outside, the air conditioning inside the building makes our rooms chilly at times.  Dressing in layers helps students address the temperature changes. 

2. Your child’s extended finger tips at his side should touch the hem edge of his/her shorts, with room enough to comfortably bend over, sit, run, and climb playground equipment.

3. No midriffs/chests/shoulders should show, eliminating spaghetti strapped, tank, or halter tops.  Ask your child to reach above his/her head; if the midriff shows, change clothing.

4. Shoes should be safe to walk/run in, whether it’s P.E. day or not.  Flip-flops and slides are too easy to trip over or fall out of.   Flat, rubber-soled shoes are required for all PE activities.