Clubs & Organizations List


Griffin Middle School offers an array of teacher sponsored clubs and organizations. For more information about each activity, please contact the listed club sponsor. 

Comic Book/Manga Club

Sponsor(s):Colton Prism
Contact Information: colton.prism@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: August 17th, 2021
Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays (Weekly)
Meeting Time: 4:45-6:00 PM
Meeting Location: Club members should meet in the Cafeteria during bus dismissal and then move to Mr. Prism's Room, Room 2116
Club Dues: None

About: Do you like to make your own graphic novels? Perhaps you really like comics. What about Manga? If you answered yes to any of these, then the Comic Book/Manga club is right for you. We will work collaboratively on an Anti-Bullying graphic novel as well as work in groups on personal comics/mangas. Come share your artistic abilities with other interested peers.

Junior Beta Club

Sponsor(s): Ashley Crisler, Lauren Cercone
Contact Info: ashley.crisler@cobbk12.org
Meeting Day(s):Every Other Friday
Meeting Time(s): Mornings and Afternoons depending on the Friday
Meeting Location: Theatre
Club Dues: TBD

Girls Empowerment Movement (GEM)

Sponsor(s): Adam Mullis
Contact Info: adam.mullis@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: Week of August 23, 2021
Meeting Day(s): TBD
Meeting Time(s): TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Club Dues: TBD

About: Designed by girls, for girls, Girls Empowering Movement (GEM) is a statewide program to improve physical activity in middle school girls by empowering them to become change agents in their schools and communities—creating innovative solutions to engage their peers in fun, personalized physical activity; improving fitness; and promoting long-term health, emotional wellbeing and academic achievement.

Rap Cats 

Sponsor(s):Danah Richardson
Contact Info: danah.richardson@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: September 8, 2021
Meeting Day(s): Wednesday
Meeting Time(s): 5:00-6:00 PM
Meeting Location: Classroom 249
Club Dues: None

About: Rap Cats is a poetry club. This club provides opportunities for students to work on literacy, written expression, public speaking, and social-emotional learning. We will meet Wednesday afternoons in class 249 from 5pm-6pm. 

Girls Who Code

Sponsor(s): Ms. Felicia Simmons
Contact Info: felicia.simmons@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: TBD
Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays
Meeting Time(s): 4:45PM-5:45PM
Meeting Location: Media Center
Club Dues: TBD

About: Girls Who Code Clubs are meant for girls to join our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models, and use Computer Science to change the world. When you join a club, you will be able to learn from fun and simple online coding tutorials, build community through interactive activities, and learn about inspiring role models. You then work in teams to design and build a Girls Who Code Project that solves real world problems you care about through code!

Soccer Club

Sponsor(s): Ms. Lyric Sprinkle, Mr. Ben Lee
Contact Info: lyric.sprinkle@cobbk12.org, ben.lee@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: Active
Meeting Day(s): Monday
Meeting Time(s): 4:45 - 5:45
Meeting Location: Ms. Sprinkle's Room
Club Dues:  $20

About:  TBD

Inclusivity Club

Sponsor(s): Dr. Julia Richardson, Ms. Kate Fites, Mr. Colton Prism, Ms. Lindsay Anderson
Contact Info: julia.richardson@cobbk12.org, katelyn.fites@cobbk12.org, colton.prism@cobbk12.org, lindsay.anderson@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: August 12, 2021
Meeting Day(s): Thursday
Meeting Time(s): 4:30-5:30 PM
Meeting Location: Classroom 370 (Ms. Fites)
Club Dues: None

About: Inclusivity Club is a club focused around building a learning community of inclusivity, respect, and equity. We believe every person in our school has a role to play, and we want to engage students and staff in a dialogue on topics such as bullying, inclusion, and allyship as well as what all that means for Griffin Middle School.

Club Requirements: Student must complete a form.

Competitive Reading Club: Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Sponsor(s): Lindsay Anderson
Contact Info: lindsay.anderson@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: TBD
Meeting Day(s): TBD
Meeting Time(s): TBD
Meeting Location: Griffin Library
Club Dues: $30 to pay for competition fees, t-shirts, & celebrations

About: Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a competitive reading club where students read ten Georgia Children's Book Award nominee books and then compete in the HRRB Reading Bowl against other Cobb middle schools. Depending on competition placement, the HRRB team has the potential to advance to the regional and state competitions. 

Club Requirements: Students must complete a form to participate. Students must commit to all club meetings & the reading bowl on January 18, 2020. HRRB is a highly competitive reading competition. Students must read all ten GCBA books to prepare for competition. List of Books Grades 6-8: Georgia Children's Book Award Nominee MS List

Wildcat Wealth Builders

Sponsor(s): Mr. William McCaffrey, Mr. Jason Stein

Contact Info: william.mccaffrey@cobbk12.org, jason.stein@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: Actively Meeting
Meeting Day(s): TBD
Meeting Time(s): TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Club Dues: N/A


Purpose:  To introduce students to financial topics such as investing, entrepreneurship, and budgeting. 

Planned Activities: Students will:

  • Participate in a virtual stock market competition.
  • Hear from local entrepreneurs who will share their journey, experiences, and best pieces of advice.
  • Engage in lessons on creating wealth through investing, entrepreneurship, and budgeting.



Sponsor(s): Ms. Siddeeqah Adams
Contact Info: siddeeqah.adams@cobbk12.org
Club Begins: October 13, 2021
Meeting Day(s):Typically every Thursday
Meeting Time(s): 8:15AM - 8:50AM
Meeting Location: FACS Lab
Club Dues: $20 (plus additional fees for club t-shirt or attire)

About: FCCLA is a national student-led organization where the central focus is the family.