Summer 2024

summer 2024

Summer 2024

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6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Supply List

Summer Reading

Summer Reading Challenge

Rising 8th grade Social Studies:
Rising 8th graders should know the 50 states for their Social Studies Class.  This is expected to be mastered by the end of the first week of school.  Get a head start now and use this link for help.


(Click here for a sample map if you which to use a paper copy)

“Does my student have required “summer math work?”
Only students who are “bumping up” into AC Math 7, Math 7/8, or Enhanced 8th/Algebra will have summer work to complete. Again, not ALL students taking these courses have required summer math work. Only students who are “bumping up” into one of these 3 courses have required summer work to complete.

Additionally, these specific “bump up students” were given instructions directly from their SY 23-24 math teacher prior to school letting out. The summer math work can be found in the student’s regular, CTLS account under a “Summer Work Tile” (where you would typically see all of your classes listed) by the second week of summer.  

CCSD Summer Link: Get Involved This Summer!


This summer CCSD will be providing resources in an online format for Math and ELA for students in Pre-K through High School. Summer Link resources include 30 days of activities that students may work on throughout the summer.  CCSD is once again partnering with Headsprout for summer reading resources for all K-5 students in the district and Dreambox Learning for summer math resources for all K-8 students. Summer Link resources are available to Pre-K through High School students through CTLS.

Click here to register. 

When prompted, type the word summer as your password (all lower case).