We are Comets! Watch us shine!

Navy blue background with Keheley Comets logo; 2023-2024 We are Comets! Watch us shine!

Winter Spectacular 2023 was just that...SPECTACULAR!   Keheley Comets learned about all kinds of holidays observed by people all over the world - Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali and Ramadan. We are so lucky to have students and families that observe these days and who like to share with others about their traditions. See the amazing pictures attached! 

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee champion, Jillian T! She is headed to the Cobb County Bee in January. Let's all wish her luck!


On Thursday, December 14th our first grade students were treated to meeting Ben Franklin in person! Watch here for some of the fun that happened.

Our student achievement awards are in full swing - homeroom teachers nominate a student that has been working hard and actively doing his or her best each month. Here are our latest winners!



Let's give a big congratulations to all the hard workers at Keheley! Great job, everyone!!


We have been working hard! Now it's fall break and time to relax!


Friday teacher spotlight!

Don't worry, be happy! Watch the Comets whistle!

This week, it is all about the work that we do every day! 


We have enjoyed a wonderful first week of school! Enjoy this fun first week of school video made by our STEM teacher, Amy Rudolph. We look forward to seeing you back next week!


For our second week of school, we are showcasing how we are great friends to each other. Enjoy!