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Jennifer Lawson
Chief Academic Officer

Chief Academic Officer Jennifer Lawson

Becky Kelley
Executive Secretary
P: 770.426.3394
F: 678.594.8563


Teaching & Learning


Kelly Metcalfe
Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Kelly Metcalfe

Gail Douillard
Executive Secretary
P: 770-426-3323
F: 678-594-8563


Teaching & Learning
Support and Specialized Services


Dr. Tracie Doe
Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tracie Doe

Angie Benton
Executive Secretary
P: 770-426-3320
F: 678-594-8630


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The Cobb Commitment


The Cobb Commitment

Academic Division Core 4 (Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts) Balanced Instruction

Engage Cobb 14 Strategies

Student Progress Monitoring Continuum - Assessment and Personalized Learning


Learning & Assessing By Grade


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Assessment is an important part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers administer a variety of classroom assessments in order to monitor student learning. Additionally, Cobb County administers all State-required assessments.

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