The Inside Scoop: Saving Money Through Dual Enrollment


As any parent of a student with hopes for college knows, post-secondary education is expensive. While the costs can be overwhelming at times, many options for grants, scholarships, and loans are available. However, another way that many overlook is Dual Enrollment. On this episode of The Inside Scoop, David Owen speaks with Dr. Andrew Kutscher, Cobb's Supervisor of Advanced Learning, to provide valuable insights into how dual enrollment can help families save money.

The Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to take college classes that satisfy both high school graduation requirements and be applied toward college transcripts. The potential for students to take these courses for free begins as early as 10th grade.

Dr. Kutscher also addresses practical considerations for participating in the program, such as the maturity level, transportation responsibilities, and full- or part-time enrollment flexibility. In addition, dual enrollment classes can provide an added benefit to college admissions for students who have successfully completed the program.

The District holds an annual Dual Enrollment summit where parents can gather comprehensive information about the program to help make informed decisions.

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