Beta Club



Beta Club Membership Criteria


Eligibility Requirements


1. Academic Performance:
    - Students must maintain an A and B average in all classes for the first two quarters of the academic year. This means no grade lower than a B in any subject.


2. Behavioral Standards:
    - Students must refrain from receiving any major disciplinary infractions during the first two quarters. Major infractions are defined as actions that result in suspensions, expulsions, or significant disciplinary actions as determined by the school administration.


 Application Process


1. Recommendation:
    - Students who meet the above academic and behavioral requirements will be recommended for Beta Club membership in the Spring.


2. New Member Form:
    - Recommended students must complete the New Member Form by the specified deadline. This form will collect personal information, academic records, and a commitment to the Beta Club's standards.


3. Membership Dues:
    - Students must pay the required membership dues along with the submission of the New Member Form. Details about the amount and payment process will be provided with the form.


Membership Maintenance


1. Ongoing Academic Requirements:
    - Once accepted as a member, students must continue to maintain an A and B average in all classes. This will be monitored each grading period.


2. Behavioral Expectations:
    - Members must uphold the behavioral standards of the Beta Club, which includes refraining from any major disciplinary infractions. Continued membership is contingent upon good behavior as per the school's code of conduct.


Consequences of Non-Compliance


-Failure to Meet Initial Requirements:
   - Students who do not meet the academic and behavioral requirements, fail to complete the New Member Form, or do not pay the required dues will not be able to participate in the Beta Club.


- Loss of Membership:
   - Members who fail to maintain the honor roll status or commit major disciplinary infractions after being accepted will be subject to review and possible removal from the club.