How PBIS Works

In a school using PBIS, the focus is on being proactive and preventing problems by continually teaching, modeling, and practicing appropriate behaviors. This is combined with continuous acknowledgment and feedback for appropriate behavior. Students learn about what behavior is appropriate and why those behaviors are important, just as they learn reading, math, or science.


Students are taught social skills, including how to act in different settings and during specific activities, such as the hallway, cafeteria, and during arrival and dismissal. They may learn through role-playing or direct instruction using explicit social skills lessons.


PBIS at Nickajack

Nickajack Elementary School implemented PBIS during the 2014-2015 school year, where it is commonly referred to as B3 - Be a Better Brave. Our common language and expectations help to create a culture that maximizes teaching and learning at Nickajack.


Earning Points in School Spaces 

At Nickajack, students are rewarded daily for exhibiting B3 behavior, which means being Respectful, Responsible, and Role Models. Students can earn points in various spaces throughout the school building, including:


- Classrooms: By participating actively, following instructions, and helping peers.
 - Hallways: By walking quietly, respecting personal space, and following directional signs.
 - Cafeteria: By using indoor voices, cleaning up after themselves, and following lunch procedures.
 - Playground: By playing safely, including others, and taking care of equipment.
 - Restrooms: By keeping the space clean, respecting privacy, and using time efficiently.


Recognition and Rewards

Each month, students participate in grade-level celebrations to recognize their positive behavior. Additionally, quarterly award celebrations are held to celebrate students who consistently demonstrate B3 behavior. These recognitions help reinforce the importance of positive behavior and encourage students to maintain high standards throughout the year.  Students are also able to use their PBIS points to purchase various rewards.