Dress Code

Smyrna Elementary Standard School Attire

What is standard school attire? Students are dressed in a similar fashion, not necessarily the same exact clothes.

What will it do for our students? The standard attire requirement will enable students to model appropriate dress that reflects a positive appearance, which will assist in the development of positive character and sense of pride. 

What does research suggest? Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between student attire, confidence, achievement, and behavior

Optional Dress Days: There will be Dress for Success opportunities on Awards Day. Students can wear more formal dress attire of his or her choice.

Standard Dress Attire Options:


Sneakers/Tennis Shoes are recommended every day but must be worn on PE days.


Khaki, navy or black pants, appropriate shorts, skirts or leggings 

Tops:Any shirt with a collar ( any pattern). 

Any sweater, turtleneck, or sweatshirt (no inappropriate advertisements or sayings on sweatshirts)

No tank tops or spaghetti straps without a covering sweater, shawl, etc. 

School spirit wear can be worn any day of the week !!! 

Opciones que constituyen el atuendo/uniforme estándar:

  • Calzado deportivo/tenis únicamente.  ¡No excepciones!
Ropa Inferior:
  • Los niños deberán vestir pantalones o shorts color caqui, azul marino o negro.  ¡No se permite la mezclilla!
  • Las niñas deberán vestir pantalones, shorts, faldas, o jumper de color caqui, azul marino, o negro.  ¡No se permite la mezclilla!
  • Se permiten los leggings/mayones de color caqui, azul marino o negro. 
  • No se permite ningún otro tipo de tela pegada al cuerpo.
  • Cualquier tipo te blusa/camisa/ camiseta con cuello alto cualquier color solido. No se permiten aquellas que tengan un estampado o rayas. 
  •  Podrá vestir suéter, cuellos de tortuga, o sudadera de color solido. No se permiten aquellos con estampados o rayas. 
  • No se permiten las camisetas simples/playeras ni las blusas de tirantes.  
  • Ni tampoco se permite ningún tipo de estampado o logo que promueva marcas de ropa o de cualquier otro tipo de propaganda.