The Inside Scoop: Guarding Against Outside Dangers


Safety and security are concerns for every parent, and this is no different for Cobb Schools. Today's podcast discusses how the District protects students and staff from outside threats, particularly focusing on emergency management. 

Officer Pete Saxton is an emergency management specialist with extensive experience in law enforcement and a background in the bomb squad and homeland security. He highlights the importance of applying those principles in keeping schools safe.

Emergency management requires collaboration between various agencies, including police, fire, and other first-response teams. Officer Saxton explains that his primary focus is on preparation, response, and improving facilities and procedures. He emphasizes the importance of conducting drills in schools, especially for potential threats like severe weather, violence, or other emergencies.

The conversation also addresses alert badges and how they help to reduce response time. Every permanent employee receives a badge, which helps quickly notify responders, staff, and students about potential threats or hazards. The badges also aid in identifying the location of the incident, ensuring a much quicker response time.

Officer Saxton advises parents and community members to avoid rushing to the school during emergencies, which can create additional challenges for law enforcement and emergency personnel. Cobb's emergency responders are trained and prepared to ensure the safety of students and staff during critical situations.

Click here to listen to this important episode about Cobb's Safety and Security.

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