Middle School Bell Schedule


The Middle School Bell schedule contains Advisement periods, live sessions, and independent work time.

Advisement is daily and will be used for grade check-ins, group and individual coaching sessions, and goal-setting. Click here to find out more about What Advisement is at COLA.

Live sessions will be whole group instruction with the teacher live on screen.  This time may be broken up into live and independent work depending on the day, but all students are expected to join each live session for the full period.

Teachers are available before and after school for individual and small group help at times published in the syllabus and as requested by students.  Clubs are also held either before or after school. The full club schedule will be published in Mid-August. 

Friday mornings from 9-12 are scheduled office hours.  All teachers will be live during this time and students may be required to attend help sessions based on grades an individual progress.