Arrival, Dismissal, and Transportation Procedures


School Hours:  8:45 AM - 4:15 PM

  1.  Our school day begins at 9:05 AM.  Doors open for all students at 8:45 AM. 

  2.  As a courtesy, we open our doors for morning study hall at 8:15 AM each school day.   It is highly recommended that students arrive early to school only with a specific reason (appointment with teacher, intramurals, etc.).    When doors open at 8:15 AM, all students who have arrived early must report to our theater for silent study hall.

  3. No student should be dropped off before 8:15 AM; there is no supervision available prior to this time, and the front doors remain locked until 8:15 AM each morning.   

  4. We recommend that students ride their assigned school bus to/from school daily.  It is the safest and most efficient method of transportation.  

  5. In the mornings, car riders must arrive in time to be in homeroom when the bell rings each morning at 9:05 AM to avoid being marked tardy.

  6. In the afternoons, all car-riders and students who walk should be off campus by 4:30 PM each afternoon.  There is no after-school supervision beyond 4:30 PM. 

  7. Students cannot be checked out after 3:45 PM. If you arrive to check out your student AFTER 3:45 PM, please accept our apologies, but we will not be able to call into classrooms. Students will be dismissed at the normal 4:15 PM dismissal time.

  8. Any last-minute transportation changes must be completed by 3:45 PM to ensure we have adequate time to communicate this with your student. For safety reasons, no transportation changes will be announced at the end of the day.

Download a copy of the Dodgen Carpool Procedures or a Bus Pass in the Resources below. 

Please note the DOT Fact Sheet explaining the double-stacked carpool lanes attached below.