What are Intramurals? This program is an opportunity for students to participate in physical activities or sports in the morning before the school day starts. The goal is to provide a place for socialization, exercise, and recreation for individuals, regardless of their skill ability. Intramurals are an extension of our regular physical education instructional program. We strive to provide students with a variety of activities to accommodate differing levels of need, skill, readiness, and interests. ALL students are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Intramurals take place in the gym Monday through Thursday each week.   There are no intramurals on Friday   See the intramural schedule in the Gym for each day's activities.


  • Arrive no later than 8:20 AM in order to play.  The doors near the Health room open at 8:15 AM. 
  • Come dressed and prepared to play!   You may "dress in" to your school clothes after intramurals.  
  • Behavioral expectations are the same as for regular PE classes.  Students who do not follow these expectations may be removed from the Intramural program.
  • Please watch the morning announcements for any changes to the Intramural schedule.