Please note that teachers and administrators are in classrooms or working with students for most of the day.  In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your email or phone message.  Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday.  Thank you!

6th Grade

NamePositionEmail Link
Stephanie Dowst-FrancisLanguage Artsemail
Lisa MajewskiLanguage Artsemail
Elizabeth MathisonLanguage Artsemail
Christine Einertson  ELA Literacy Applicationsemail
Laurel WestbrookIRR ELA & Social Studiesemail
Jordan DeGennaroELA Literacy Applicationsemail
Rachel AllenIRR Reading Literacy Applicationsemail
Melissa Hardin
Reading Literacy Applicationsemail
Betsy MarkmanMath & ELA Literacy Applications email
Kim ClarkMathemail
Alexandra CollinsMathemail
Elizabeth RooseMath email
Amanda Mann
Supply Teacher - Shalini Verma
IRR Mathemail
Dan ClarkScienceemail
Donna Halverson Scienceemail
Barbara KappelScienceemail
Krista JohnsonIRR Science & Social Studiesemail
Claire GilesSocial Studiesemail
Jessica StoegerSocial Studies  email
Brian Wilson
Social Studies

7th Grade

NamePositionEmail Link
Jennifer Stanton
Language Artsemail
Heather PriceLanguage Artsemail
Jessica VacaLanguage Artsemail
Alyssa MarshallIRR Language Artsemail
Marlo Sharp
ELA Literacy Applicationsemail
Kaley MoodyELA Literacy Applications        email
Michelle KingELA Literacy Applicationsemail
Rachel AllenIRR Reading Literacy Applicationsemail
Melissa Hardin 
Reading Literacy Applications & ESOLemail
David GabelMathemail
Deanna PhillipsMath email
Gary SwintMathemail
Andrew MalottIRR Mathemail
Richard WilfordMath & Science email
Bethaney GuckertScienceemail
Kim KellettScienceemail
Janet DaltonScienceemail
Amirah HeywardIRR Science & Social Studiesemail
Christian DiBlasiSocial Studiesemail
Curry WilesSocial Studiesemail
Mary Margaret ShepherdSocial Studiesemail

8th Grade

NamePositionEmail Link
Marlo SharpFrenchemail
Jennifer De MiguelSpanishemail
Pam Coccoli Spanish & Academic Habitsemail
Bonnie FriedrichIRR Language Arts email
Kelly O'BrienLanguage Arts & Academic Habitsemail
Dora Barzegar      Language Arts    email
Marc Chalmers        Language Artsemail
Sheri DennardMath
Ashley MillerMathemail
Janette StrasserMathemail
Stacie MurrellIRR Mathemail
Debbie AmodeoScienceemail
Bethaney GuckertScienceemail
Shelby BorthScience email
Sarah ButlerIRR Science & Social Studiesemail
Amy LytleSocial Studiesemail
Kim SolomonSocial Studies & Academic Habitsemail
Kay TaborSocial Studies & Academic Habitsemail
Melissa Hardin
Reading Literacy Applications & ESOL


NamePositionEmail Link
Thomas WicksonProject Lead the Way (PLTW) - Computer Scienceemail
Kari VilandTheater/Yearbook/Broadcastemail
Trevor LedfordArtemail 

Fine Arts

NamePositionEmail LinkWebsite Link
John JeffresBand
email Band Website
Brian Westphalemail 
Ashley CulleyOrchestra
email Orchestra Website
Jeffrey Chenemail 
Chris WhittingtonChorus
email Chorus Website
LeAnna Iddingsemail 

Physical Education/Health

NamePositionEmail Link
Clint DanielPhysical Education/Health    
John Iversemail 
Trent Weiseremail 
Leslie Whiteemail 

Multi-grade Instructional Staff

NamePositionEmail Link
Melissa HardinESOL Teacher                   email
Sherri RodgersMID  Teacher                     email
Norrie HorakMID Paraprofessional    email
Brooke BielloAU Teacheremail  
VacantAU Paraprofessionalemail
VacantAU Paraprofessionalemail
Leia MorganVision Impaired Teacher       email 
Sandy IntriagoVision Imparied Paraprofessionalemail
Kristen OniBraille Clerk    email
Patricia PuckettBraille Clerkemail
Rekha NedumpurathBraille Clerkemail
Fariza BenmezianeISS Paraprofessional    email
Karen SanacoreSpeech Teacher                  email
Sara KhosraviIRR Paraprofessional    email

Library Learning Commons

NamePositionEmail Link
Wendy CopeLibrary Media Specialist    email Library Learning Commons Website
Christine Bishop-FinkMedia Paraprofessional    email


NamePositionEmail Link
Tonia Martin-Gatlin6th Grade CounseloremailCounseling Department Website
Mayah Brown7th Grade Counseloremail
Kaley Hammonds8th Grade Counselor email

Support Staff

Officer Bill KretzmerCCSD Police Officer    email
Mary Louise WeeksSchool Nurseemail 
Dr. Ben PerlowSchool Psychologist    email 
Monica BrightSocial Worker    email 
Tara WhiteField Services Technician     email

Custodial Staff

Harold SandersHead Custodian
John WilliamsAssistant Head Custodian
Sheila Terry
Nancy Wanyaga
Brittany Wyatt
Logan Clark

Cafeteria Staff

Suzanne LeuckCafeteria Manager
Taryn Bell
Kieu Douglas
Ahdiyeh Janathi
Rodina Mahfroujaki
Olga Sokol
Leah Tolar