Clubs at Dodgen 2022-23


For more information on any of these groups, please contact the Faculty Sponsor listed.  

Awareness ClubDodgen Cares Club

An outreach club to help those in need. Some activities include Thanksgiving Food Drive, RALLY Foundation fundraiser, correspondence with our troops, and 4Quarters4Research fundraiser. We usually meet once a month at 8:15 AM in room 835.  Meetings will be announced during the morning broadcast.

Faculty Sponsor:  Janette Strasser, Leslie White, Jordan DeGennaro, and Michelle King

Breakfast BuddiesBreakfast Buddies

The Breakfast Buddies club provides an open and inviting space for kids to meet to have fun and develop meaningful friendships in a safe and encouraging environment.  We will meet at 8:15am on the second Friday of every month (September - May) in Room #612.   The club is open to anyone and everyone!  

Faculty Sponsors: Melissa Hardin, Ashley Miller, and Amanda Mann

Chess For FunChess For Fun

The Chess Club is an informal but enthusiastic group that plays matches together in the Library Learning Commons. Chess boards are available from 8:15  to 9:00AM every morning in the LLC.  There is an open invitation for anyone to come at any point during the year.   

Faculty Sponsor: Wendy Cope

Eco Club.pngEco Club

Dodgen Eco Club is open to all students who want to help DODGEN protect and promote our environment through programs like: recycling, gardening, animal encounters, the Clean Air-No Idling Carpool Campaign, Earth Day and other student-led activities. We meet monthly at 8:15 in Room 639, usually the 2nd Wednesday each month.

Faculty Sponsors: Donna Halverson

Jewish ClubJewish Club

Non-school-sponsored student organization.  Meets monthly on Wednesdays in Room 824 at 8:15 a.m.  Students of all three grade levels discuss Judaism and celebrate the heritage. There is no fee. The rabbi comes in to lead the activities. All students are welcome. Food is served (usually bagels and cream cheese).

Faculty Supervisor: Amy Lytle


Non-school-sponsored student organization. Meets every Thursday in the Chorus Room at 8:15 a.m. for fun and fellowship.

Faculty Supervisors: Leslie White, Chris Whittington

Helen Ruffin Reading BowlHelen Ruffin Reading Bowl

The Reading Bowl Team is a club that is driven by competition! The objective is to read, study, and become experts on award-nominated books, then continue on to win the annual Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl! The members of the club will try out to earn one of the final ten coveted spots on the official Dodgen team!  We meet weekly on Thursdays after school from 4:15-5:00 PM in Mrs. Roose's room.   All students are welcome to join the Reading Bowl Team club and try out for the final spots.  There is a financial obligation to purchase 10 novels to read, study, and take notes in. The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competitions will be offsite and are required events.   

Faculty Sponsors:  Elizabeth Roose, Kaylee Moody


Open to all students on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the gym from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. Students must dress out and arrive by 8:20 AM in order to participate. Calendar of events is located in the gym.   Watch the morning announcements or speak the PE teachers to find out when intramurals will begin for the school year. 

Faculty Sponsors: Clint Daniel, Leslie White, Trent Weiser, John Ivers

8th Grade Badminton ClubBadminton Club (8th Grade only)

Badminton Club is an extension of the Intramural program, but for 8th grade students only.  Students can come as many Fridays as they want.  It is not mandatory that students show up every Friday; however, they must be in the gym by 8:15 AM in order to participate. The participation fee is $20, which covers the cost of t-shirt, replacements of racquets and shuttlecocks.  The money will help buy prizes for tournament.   Watch the morning announcements or speak with the PE teachers to find out when the first meeting will take place.

Faculty Sponsors: Clint Daniel, Leslie White, Trent Weiser, John Ivers

Math ClubMath Team

Any Dodgen student may be part of the Math Team.   Meets Monday 8:15 in Room 748.  The Dodgen Math Team competes in 3-5 district math competitions throughout the year, striving to develop students’ problem solving abilities and higher-order thinking skills.  All of our students are encouraged to participate in the AMC 8, which is a national competition. Ten students will be hand-picked by the Math Team coaches to represent Dodgen in the MathCounts competition.  A $30.00 club fee is a requirement for t-shirts and competition registrations .  

Students must complete an information form on team website: www.dodgenteam.weebly.com.  Additionally, students must have their parents complete a Parental Permission form found on the team website.

Faculty Sponsors: David Gabel, Gary Swint, Richard Wilford, and Kim Clark

science-olympiads-900x471.jpgScience Olympiad

Science Olympiad functions much like a football or soccer team, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year.  Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents, and business leaders bond together and work toward a shared goal.
Try-outs will be held in late August and early September. Try-outs are open to ALL Dodgen students who are able to dedicate their time to learn content, attend practices, and competitions. More information can be found at the Science Olympiad website.  

This club will meet twice monthly.   Watch the morning broadcast for information.  If there are any monthly meeting changes, coaches will notify team members.   This club also requires that students attend Saturday competitions.  

Faculty Sponsor: Barbara Kappel & Shelby Borth

Young Author's ClubYoung Author's Club

The Dodgen Young Authors Club, better known as YAC (pronounced yack), is open to all Dodgen students who enjoy writing and sharing stories and/or poems. The club is mainly student-run. The club meets on the 2nd/3rd/4th Tuesdays of the month in Rm. 614 at 8:15 a.m.   No fees, open to all Dodgen students, and the only obligation is to be a good listener and share at least a few of your writings over the course of the year.

Faculty Sponsor: Brian Wilson

Spanish Club Graphic.jpg

Spanish Club

All 8th grade students are welcome to attend Spanish Club.  You do not have to be a Spanish language student or a Spanish speaker.  We meet at 8:15AM on the last Friday of each month in Sra. Coccoli's classroom 848 to celebrate and learn about Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures.  There are no financial obligations.

Faculty Sponsors: Pam Coccoli and Jennifer De Miguel


French Club

Dodgen French Club is open to Dodgen students in all grade levels who have an interest in French culture, current affairs, art, music, travel, cuisine, language, etc... If you have ever been curious about the French-speaking world, join us to learn more about the topics that interest you.    The club meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 8:15am in Room 724 (Madame Sharp's room).

Use this link to sign up for the club and to be added to the contact list.

Faculty Sponsors: Marlo Sharp, Kaylee Moody, and Michelle King


Band Ensembles

The Dodgen Band Ensembles are extracurricular groups that meet once per week before school, providing additional instructional and performance opportunities.  An ensemble is a fun and satisfying way to get in some extra practice time! Scheduled performances include a Fall and a Spring Showcase at school, as well as community performances as those opportunities arise.  These ensembles are open to all 7th and 8th grade band students at no cost. Regular participation in rehearsals is expected in order to be included in performances. These morning ensembles meet at 8:00 AM in the band room.  

Flute & Double Reed Ensemble on Tuesdays
Clarinet Ensemble on Tuesdays 
Saxophone Ensemble on Wednesdays
Low Brass Ensemble on Wednesdays
Trumpet Ensemble on Thursdays
Percussion Ensemble on Thursdays
Dodgen Pops (By Audition Only) on Fridays


Chorus Ensemble

The Chorus Ensemble is is open to current 7th and 8th grade students currently enrolled in chorus. This group rehearses together and performs in chorus concerts and in the community. There is no audition required for this group.   The chorus ensemble will begin meeting during the second quarter and will meet on Wednesday mornings at 8:15 AM in the chorus room.  Details are on www.Dodgenchorus.com.   There is no participation fee.

Faculty Sponsors:  Chris Whittington and LeAnna Iddings


Drama and Spring Musical

Drama is an extra-curricular activity.  It is run by our Partner in Education, Vicki Chase at MTW Drama.  The club will meet before school 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM.  

 Music Theater Workshop also presents a show in the spring.  Participation requires an audition before school the week prior to the December Break.  For more information, visit the MTW Drama website.  There is a fee and commitment requirement for students participating in the play. 

Sponsor:  MTW Drama and Vicki Chase, Dodgen Partner in Ed

download (1).jpg

Orchestra Ensembles

Dodgen Orchestra ensembles are extra-curricular groups that meet before school for rehearsals in the orchestra room.  For information about the ensembles available and meeting times, please visit dodgenorchestra.org  

Chamber Orchestra is a separate group, which has a separate page on the orchestra website.  Students interested in Chamber Orchestra should go to Chamber Orchestra dodgenorchestra.org for detailed information.
Faculty Sponsors:  Ashley Culley and Jeffrey Chen


Makers Club

Come stretch your creativity and problem-solving skills with your friends!  Try solving challenges using everyday objects.  
When and Where: Tuesdays at 8:15AM in the Library Learning Commons.

Faculty Sponsors:  Wendy Cope


Fandom Club

Are you so passionate about something that your family is tired of hearing about it?  We are, too! Come share what you love!  We'll do PowerPoint Persuasion Presentations, plan a Library Con (like a Comic Con, but in the library) and will have some guest speakers along the way.  

When and Where:  Wednesdays at 8:15 in the LLC.

Faculty Sponsors:  Wendy Cope


Library Advisory

Want a say in what happens in the library learning commons? Want to help develop programs and services for the library? Serve on the Library Advisory Board and help the library become its very best!  

When and Where: First Friday of the month, 8:30AM in the LLC

Faculty Sponsors:  Wendy Cope


Book Clubs

Reading is AMAZING, and it’s even better when we share a conversation with friends! We will offer MANY diverse book clubs throughout the course of the year others before school or during lunch, for example, the Graphic Novel book club, What I’m Currently Reading book club, Silent Reading Club, in addition to other student-determined book clubs. 

Faculty Sponsors:  Wendy Cope


Dungeons & Dragons Club

This is a club for experienced students who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Come to Room #639 at 8:15 AM on Friday mornings to play the game and make friends with similar interests.   See Mrs. Halverson with any questions.  

Faculty Sponsor:  Donna Halverson


Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Come learn all about the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics with Mr. Wilson in Room #614.  
Meetings will be on Fridays from 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM.  A permission slip is required to attend meetings of this group. See Mr. Wilson for details.

Faculty Sponsor:  Brian Wilson