School Counseling Department

Melissa Chamrin, Counselor

Lori Tyson, Counselor

Our school counseling program supports all students in their social/emotional, academic and career development.  The school counselors deliver counseling core curriculum to every classroom and work with students that need additional support in individual and small group counseling.  The school counselor's role is to be an advocate for all students and to collaborate with teachers and families to ensure success for every student. School counselors are also available to provide resource information, such as community counseling and agency referrals, to families. Access the school counseling blog for more about how to utilize the help of the school counselor.  

Counseling Core Curriculum   

The school counseling department facilitates student development in three critical areas:

  • Academic Development 
  • Career Development 
  • Personal/Social Development 

 Counseling core curriculum is vital and drives the Due West Comprehensive Counseling Plan.  The curriculum is a well-planned, written instructional program that is comprehensive in scope, preventive in nature and developmental in design.  The program aligns with ASCA's standards which covers all three of the above listed domains.