What is SRI?

Scholastic Reading Inventory College & Career (SRI) is a research-based, adaptive assessment that measures reading skills and longitudinal progress from kindergarten through college readiness.

Reading Comprehension Assessment (RCA) Grades K-12

The Reading Comprehension Assessment can be used to assess and monitor students’ growth in reading comprehension. The assessment includes nearly six thousand test items for students at all levels. Each item consists of a passage, a sentence stem, and four answer choices. Each passage includes texts that students encounter both in and out of school and are drawn from a variety of content areas. Questions assess students’ comprehension skills as applied to the passages.  Reading Comprehension Assessment results indicate students’ reading levels on the Lexile Frameworks for Reading Scale.

Steps to taking a practice test:

1.    Click here for the SRI Student Experience Simulator. 

2.    Fill in the username and password below.

Username:  user

Password:  pass

3.    Select Reading Comprehension

4.    Choose three topics you enjoy reading about. This has no impact on the test, it simply provides a list of books at the end of the test that you would be interested in reading based on your Lexile Level.

5.    The test will then consist of three practice questions before beginning the test. 

What is SMI?

Scholastic Math Inventory or SMI is a research-based, adaptive assessment that measures student readiness for instruction on mathematical concepts and skills. It can also be used to measure longitudinal progress from kindergarten through Algebra II.

SMI shifts the paradigm from focusing on the skills students do not know to identifying what they already possess and are now ready to learn. Mathematics growth is measured on the Quantile Framework for Mathematics—a scientific taxonomy of over 500 math concepts and skills—placing student readiness and difficulty of math tasks on the same scale.

SMI provides an accurate forecast of the trajectory to algebra with progression of the most critical concepts and skills students must master at each grade level. By mapping progress along the Quantile Framework, educators are able to forecast each student’s individual growth and address his or her needs accordingly.

Steps to taking a practice test: 

1.    Click here for the SMI Student Experience Simulator. 

2.    Fill in the username and password below.

Username:  scholastic

Password: math11      (The password changes on the 1st of every month. The last two digits become the number associated with the current month. For example, in December, the password becomes math12).

3.    Choose the SMI Scholastic Math Inventory icon. On the next screen, choose the SRI College and Career Icon.

4.    At the second log in screen, use MCooper as the username and put in any word you like for the password. There is a help box in the left hand corner that will also provide instructions on what to do as you proceed through the simulator.

To access the SMI during your math class at ECMS, click here.

Your teacher will provide you with your log in information.

**You must use Chrome as your internet browser. If the link opens in Internet Explorer, copy and paste the link into Chrome.**