Information for Potential Vendors

Pope team member serving student

We are working very closely with our distributors and manufacturers to secure both the food and supply items needed to support our program; however, the availability of these items has been changing on a daily basis.

Statistical Information

  • Operating budget: $60 million
  • Purchased food budget: $24 million
  • Food cost per meal: ~$1.90
    • Entrée: $.80 - $1.00
    • Fruit: $.35
    • Vegetable: $.26
    • Grain: $.20-$.30
    • Milk: $.27

District Information

  • A la Carte Sales at all schools. 

Cobb FNS Catering

  • Cobb FNS now has Catering services. Catering provides food and drink options to a variety of organizations that assist the schools in their operations. This ranges from PTSAs and athletic clubs to Teacher Appreciation luncheons. Criteria FNS Catering focuses on for our menu items include:
    • Customization 
    • Bold flavors
    • Table and Event set-up and execution
    • Competitive pricing

Free & Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility

  • 41% of Cobb County’s 107,000 Students are eligible for free and reduced-price meals (as of SY 2022 – 2023)

Participation Data (SY 21-22)

  • Breakfast Average Daily Participation: 25,400 students
  • Lunch Average Daily Participation: 63,400 students
  • Average 88,800 meals served per day
  • Average 15.8 million meals served per year 


  • Cobb FNS focuses on providing nutritious and delicious food to our students in compliance with USDA regulations. Criteria we focus on for our menu items include:
    • Variety of items on the menu
    • Flexibility of the menu items
    • Customization
    • Bold flavors

Key Purchasing Initiatives

  • Source products that meet standards for NSLP and NSBP that are USDA formatted
  • Identify origin of products of interest to meet Buy American Provision
  • Source products that have a minimum of three menu applications
  • To the extent allowed by law, give preference to goods and services produced within the state of Georgia when all things are equal with competing offers
  • Increase purchases from Georgia farmers to extent allowed by law
  • Clean label initiatives have eliminated trans fats and reduced the following:
    • Artificial preservatives
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Antibiotics and hormones in chicken, beef and other animal products
  • Purchase products grown and produced using sustainable practices
  • Food as close to its natural form as possible (minimally processed)
  • Food with minimal ingredients
  • Assist with implementation of District-wide wellness policy and administrative directives

Food Production

  • On-site food production (112 kitchens)

Delivery Periods

ProductDelivery SiteFrequency
MilkSchoolsDaily/As needed
Fresh ProduceSchoolsUp to x2/week
Dry GroceriesSchools/Central Warehousex1/week
Frozen FoodsSchools/Central WarehouseUp to x2/week
Disposable SuppliesCentral Warehousex1/week - daily to Warehouse

Sales Call Policy

  • Appointments required and scheduled through Sr. Buyer
  • Samples accepted only if requested and are not an avenue to meet as a cold call
  • Preferred day/time of sales calls
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30pm – 2:30pm
    • Thursday 9am – 10am
  • Prior to initial sales meetings with product review, the following product documentation must be sent:
    • Product Formulation Statement
    • Product Specification Sheet
      • Pack sizes, mixed pallet options
    • CN Label
    • Ingredient list
    • Blanket pricing to determine approximate price per serving
      • Stated case cost into distribution with tiered volume