Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment (DE) is a program that allows high school students in the state of Georgia to take college courses that can count for credit towards both high school graduation requirements and some college requirements.

The first step in beginning the Dual Enrollment process is for students to sign up for a Dual Enrollment Informational Session during Hawk Hour. Visiting the Dual Enrollment Student Checklist is a great way to stay on top of some of the items that students are responsible to do. Students must complete the Local School Agreement and meet with their counselor to complete the Dual Enrollment Advisement Plan after they have attended a Dual Enrollment Informational Session. Below is the parent presentation for parents to review at their convenience.

Hillgrove HS Deadlines for advisement with the Hillgrove School Counselor

*Be mindful that these dates may differ from an institution’s application deadline.

October 25th – Spring
March 1st – Summer
April 5th - Fall

Dual Enrollment Programs Attended by Hillgrove Students

Chattahoochee Technical CollegeHere

Georgia Highlands College - Here

Georgia Institute of Technology - Here

Georgia State University - Here

Kennesaw State University - Here

Toccoa Falls - Here

University of West Georgia - Here

West Georgia Technical College - Here

Tentative Date for Fall 2024

The Cobb County Dual Enrollment Summit will be held Thursday, September 19, 2024 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at The Cobb County Civic Center.

USG Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirement

Dual Enrollment Key Points to Consider

Cobb County Dual Enrollment