Arrival/Dismissal Procedures



Morning car riders are to come to the front parking lot (not the bus port). No drop offs prior to 7:15 a.m. Starting at 7:15 a.m., Lewis staff members are at morning car pool and can assist your child in exiting their car safely. Please help your child to develop some independence and allow them to walk by themselves to class. Staff members are located throughout the building and will be happy to assist children.

• Please pull up PAST the front door to the end of the red curb (drop off in Red Zone – do not wait to pull directly in front of the door).

• Make sure your child has everything in hand to exit the car promptly.

Most of all - do not let your child exit on the driver’s side of the car (possibly into the path of oncoming cars).

• Always follow the direction of staff members monitoring the traffic. 

Car riders can be picked up starting at 2:15 p.m. 


Students must be standing at the bus stop AT LEAST FIVE (5) MINUTES prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Students are to wait at the school bus stop in an orderly manner.

Students must WAIT for instructions (hand signals or otherwise) from the school bus driver EVERY TIME when crossing the street to board the bus or when exiting the bus. Students must be able to maintain eye contact with the school bus driver or cross in full view of the school bus driver.

Students must board the bus as soon as school is dismissed and not loiter on the sidewalk. Once on the bus at dismissal time, the student will need the approval of an administrator to depart the bus at school.

Students must show respect for school bus drivers at all times and follow the rules.  For more information, click here.


Children may not leave school grounds during regular school hours except through the office. No child is to be released to parents or other persons unless he/she is called to the office to be signed out by an authorized adult. Please do not go directly to the classroom. This is necessary for our children’s protection. Dismissal changes must be in writing and signed by the parent. Dismissal changes may be faxed before 1:45 p.m. to 770-975-6675.


During an emergency when school must be dismissed early, we all need to have an emergency plan. This plan should be taught to your child so they know what to do if an emergency situation arises. If no one is at home, arrangements must be made so your child

has permission to go to a neighbor’s house or is able to enter their house alone. In an emergency situation, the school will place all

children on the bus. Parents must be prepared for this! 


7:15 AM  School buses begin unloading students

7:45 AM  TV newscast/announcements begin

7:50 AM  School begins

2:10 PM  Afternoon announcements

2:15 PM  Dismissal begins

2:25 PM  Buses leave campus

2:30 PM  Car riders not picked up will go to ASP

2:30 PM  ASP begins