Learning Commons


Media Specialist: Susan McCurry   Media Paraprofessional: Megan McHale 

It is the mission of the Mt. Bethel Learning Commons professionals to build a collection to meet the academic and personal needs of our community, and to empower student leaders to:
    ♦ be voracious readers,
    ♠ be creative, collaborative trailblazers,
    ♠  be critical thinkers,
    ♠  be active researchers, and
    ♠  purposeful users and creators of information.

Learning Commons Professionals will support the Mt. Bethel student leaders by:
    ♠ offering access to materials in print, digital, audio, and visual formats,
    ♠ furnishing guidance to foster competence and ignite an interest in reading, analyzing, and using information and ideas, and 
    ♠ collaborating with classroom teachers to formulate learning experiences to meet the needs of individual students

In the MBES Learning Commons, we conduct lessons with kindergarten through fifth grade students on a regular basis.

Kindergarten and first grade classes receive lessons to support their literacy and technology standards.  

Learning Commons lesson topics for second through fifth grade are listed below:

Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth GradeFifth Grade
Organization of the LC
Research-Cobb Digital Library
Office 365 Tools
Maker Activities
Inquiry Stations

Research-Cobb Digital Library
Navigating a NF Book
Office 365 Tools
Maker Activities
Inquiry Stations
Destiny Review/Destiny Accounts
Cobb Digital Library
Office 365 Tools
Maker Activities
Inquiry Stations
How to Effectively Choose a Book for a Specific Purpose
Destiny Accounts
Cobb Digital Library Resources
Office 365 Tools
Reference Review
Maker Activities
Inquiry Stations

Teacher / SLMS collaboration is where students derive the most academic benefit.

Our staff strives to develop collaborative relationships with our teachers at all grade levels and specialties to support grade level content standards in engaging and creative ways.

Learning Commons Leaders

The job of Learning Commons Leaders (grades 2-5) requires that students come to work on assigned mornings by 7:20 to:
    ♠  shelve books,
    ♠ organize shelves,
    ♠ assist other patrons with finding books,
    ♠  book checkout and return,
    ♠  cutting bookmarks,
    ♠  any other duties assigned by Ms. McCurry or Ms.McHale.

A Learning Commons Leader is a role model in the school and exhibits positive behavior at all times in our school community. The responsibilities of this job are to be taken seriously. Training is provided on all aspects of the job in the first few weeks of school and students will be expected to commit for the whole year. Additionally, when the student's class makes visits to the library, we will expect that you assist classmates with any of the above.

Participation in the MBESTV Broadcast Team requires that:
     ♠ Students be in grades 3 - 5.
     ♠ Each student wishing to join the team as a rising 3rd or 4th grader must submit a video application.
     ♠ No 5th grade applications are accepted unless a student was new to the school in 4th grade.

The application process is very competitive, so students must be very creative in their application submission. Applications are accepted during the month of May for the following school year.

Team members must make every effort to be at school and ready to begin work on the broadcast by 7:25 a.m. on the days they are scheduled to work.  Also, parents must give permission for their child to participate because the child’s name and face will be on videotape.


Students are welcome to check books out, use computer resources, and study all day between the hours of 7:15 a.m and 1:55 p.m.


All checkouts are for a term of two weeks.
Books can be renewed if another patron does not have a hold on that particular title.

Kindergarten: Two books
First - Fifth: Four books unless pre-arranged with the Learning Commons staff.


The KSE Learning Commons does not assess fines for overdue books. However, if a book is lost or returned damaged, there is an expectation the book will be paid for so it can be replaced. All book replacements should be handled by the KSE staff as the books we purchase are bound for high volume usage.