English Department Pre-Course Summer Reading Requirements 2023-2024

Summer Reading 2023

Why Pre-Course Reading? The North Cobb High School English Department knows that pre-course reading helps you expand your vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills, as well as gain new perspectives on life situations. Research is clear: The more reading you do, the more information you gain, and the better your reading skills will become. Reading is also an effective means of preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. Please select the list below for the honors or AP English course you will be taking next year. Attached you will find the book options and guidance for annotations.

9th GradeHonors 9th Lit
Magnet 9th Lit
10th Grade10th Honors World Lit Comp
Magnet AP Lang
Magnet AP Seminar
11th GradeHonors American Lit
11th AP Lang
Magnet American Lit
Magnet AP Research
12th GradeHonors British Lit
Dramatic Writing
AP Lit