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One Goal, Many Paths: Student Success.

Mission Statement:

Empowering students to be innovative leaders and thinkers in a global society.

History of Osborne High School

As the oldest high school in Cobb County, R. L. Osborne has served as a cornerstone of our community for more than 120 years. Established as Olive Springs Community School in 1881, the building was comprised of a single room serving grades one through eight. Housed in the Olive Springs Baptist Church, little is known about the history of the community school until 1919.

As a member of a faculty of only three, Mr. Robert L. Osborne became Principal of Olive Springs Community School in 1919. Over the next nine years, Mr. Osborne worked tirelessly to serve a growing population. In 1928, Olive Springs moved from its original location at Olive Springs Baptist Church to Joyner Avenue. As the new school opened on September 10, 1928, it employed ten teachers and served 350 students in grades one through nine. In 1936, recognizing and honoring Mr. Osborne's commitment to the community, Olive Springs School was renamed Robert L Osborne School. 

In 1928, R. L. Osborne became a fully accredited Senior High School. R. L. Osborne's first graduating class in 1939 boasted 25 members, 13 boys and 12 girls. As the school moved to its present location on Favor Road in 1962, Mr. Osborne retired. His 49 years of service helped to both shape and impact the Osborne community for generations to come. 

Osborne will serve approximately 2100 students during the 2020-21 school year. The dynamic nature of our community serves as both an asset and a challenge for R. L. Osborne High School. The rapidly changing demographics of the Osborne community presents the learning environment with an opportunity to embrace the cultural diversity at R. L. Osborne. With an emphasis on awareness, the learning community celebrates the notion that all students can learn. Specific cultural celebrations give students the opportunity to educate others regarding both the advantages and challenges that being a member of the Osborne community presents them.

As defined by the mission of R. L. Osborne High School, our learning community is committed to promoting academic excellence by providing a support system that is not usually evident in the traditional high school setting. We are constantly growing and changing to best serve the needs of our learners.

Osborne High School Alma Mater

In the heart of old Cobb County

Reared against the skies

Proudly stands our alma mater

As the years go by

Osborne High School we will honor

True and loyal be

Ever crowned with grace and glory

Osborne, hail to thee

Ruby Hildebrand, 1936

Cognia Review

Cobb families know the Cobb County School District has a reputation for excellence, as Cobb’s students consistently perform better than their peers. You could live anywhere, yet over 200,000 parents choose to raise their children in Cobb. You know that a Cobb education gives your children a competitive advantage for scholarships, college, future employment, and life. 

Once again, Cobb families can feel even more confident their students are receiving a high-quality education following the most recent accreditation review by Cognia, one of Cobb’s accrediting agencies and one of the largest in the world. 

After recently completing an Accreditation Engagement Review, which took almost one year to complete, every school in Cobb County has been accredited for an additional six years.