Palmer Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)

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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) describes methods used to identify and support desired behaviors in the school setting. This program is research-based and looks different in every school. PBIS seeks to reduce or eliminate poor behavior school wide through the encouragement of positive behaviors. Over the first few weeks of school, students will participate in lessons designed to teach expectations both in the classroom and throughout common areas in the school. These expectations are reinforced during the year, and rewards are given to students demonstrating appropriate behaviors.

PBIS at Palmer

The student expectations in all areas of Palmer are to be respectful, responsible, an achiever, and a solution. We believe these are the characteristics of a true Palmer Champion, and encourage all students to practice and recognize these qualities in themselves and others. Students who do not meet these expectations receive infractions within the PBIS Rewards website. Parents are encouraged to regularly review their child’s account and discuss any infractions.

PBIS Rewards

To recognize students for exemplifying the Panther Pledge, points are given through the PBIS Rewards App that students can redeem for prizes within the classroom and at the PBIS store. Families will have access to student accounts to see how many points have been earned by the student, and if the student has incurred any behavior infractions for not abiding by the Panther Pledge.

How Can Parents Help?

Parents are an important part of PBIS. We encourage parents to use the same expectations and rules that the school teaches. This common language creates unified support for expected behavior. We ask parents to discuss the common expectations at home (being respectful, responsible, an achiever, and a solution). Children thrive when they have consistent expectations and consequences.