WSTR News Crew


Fourth and fifth grade students are involved in all areas of the morning news broadcast. Regular attendance at school is very important. To be considered for the crew, you must be on time to school and in the news room each day by 7:30.

Students on the WSTR SuperStation News Crew are considered role models and should behave accordingly. 

Students must fill out an application form at the beginning of each school year to be on the crew.

Watch the WSTR Morning News each day for all of the latest happenings at Sanders!

Positions available:

  1. anchor
  2. ipad/green screen
  3. audio/visual mixer
  4. weather reporter
  5. pledger (The Pledge to the Flag & the Sanders Superstar Pledge)

Please contact the media specialist for more information.

photo of the news room set-up with green screen and